Practical Packing Part 1

You are going away – but only for an overnight or long weekend.  You don’t want to bring a lot of stuff, but you know you have different types of activities on the agenda.  Do you find yourself asking: How am I going to pack for this trip?

1. Pick the suitcase or travel bag you are going to use.  Don’t stray from this choice!  You must now fit everything you need in this bag!

2. Now select one pair of shoes.  This one pair must be worn at every event.  You do not want to pack more than one pair of shoes.  Ideally – you aren’t packing any shoes – they are on your feet when you leave the house! (Exceptions: A) a beach trip – then you may throw one pair of flip flops in the bag too! B) a work trip – that’s a different blog all together!)  Flats work best.  They can be worn with casual outfits like shorts or jeans, but are also acceptable when you are a little more dressed up for a restaurant or nights on the town.  This pair of shoes will also choose the color palette of your trip.

Let’s start with these:

3. Clothes: a pair of jeans is always a staple – comfortable to travel in and can be dressed up or down,  something dressy for dinner or a night-out,  a few choices of shirts that can interchange with the jeans, shorts, or even over the dress. Always include one sweater that can be worn over every outfit in case the weather is cooler.




4. Accessories – don’t overload on accessories, make sure they can all be packed in one travel case, and that they can be worn with multiple outfits.

I was in my early twenties at a family event when it occurred to me that my sister-in-law and her daughters (my nieces) always wore the same colors at events.  When I asked her about this she said it was just so much easier to pack when everyone was wearing the same colors.  They could share accessories, stockings, make-up, even shoes.

Dress – H&M;  brown blouse, tank top, sweater – Target; patterned blouse, scarf, shoes, jeans, bracelet – Old Navy; shorts – Macy’s

Check back soon for the conclusion… because we still haven’t packed a bathroom bag or your purse!

Leave a comment and tell me about your packing habits! Have a great day!

5 thoughts on “Practical Packing Part 1

  1. Nina says:

    Great ideas! I always pick a color scheme and pack all my clothes, accessories, shoes in those colors so that everything is interchangeable. I never thought to do the same thing for the kids though. Great tip!

  2. Maria says:

    I was away on two mini vacations over this weekend so I had to pack and then re-pack. I am glad to know I was on the right track as far as my packing is concerned. I only had one pair of shoes with me, on my feet, and I did throw in a pair of flip flops just in case. I only packed what I needed, one outfit for each day for myself and Lainie. Plus pjs. I found that making a list before hand of what I need: clothes, shoes, bathroom bag, chargers….Once I have a list I can check things off as I pack. This list is also handy for when I am leaving a place to make sure I am taking everything home with me. I used to be famous for over packing and leaving things behind. Not anymore 🙂

    • Maureen says:

      Maria – the checklist is GREAT! Maybe I’ll make a form checklist for packing and repacking to put up on the blog so people can download. LOVE IT! Thanks for this idea! Highlight when you put it in the bag, check it off when you repack it!
      Thanks fo reading and commenting!

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