My Friday Favorites 03/23/12

Another great week! It was hard to narrow things down, but here are my favorites:

On TV -So much to choose from this week.  While I was trying to pick a favorite, I realized two things, 1.) There was a lot of good TV on this week and 2.) I watched a lot of TV this week! Once Upon a TimeCharming is getting more Charming, Mary Margaret is getting in more trouble…Dancing with the Stars – Bruno said it best to Gladys Knight – “you are a real star!” Jack Wagner looked insulted; Jaleel White agreed. Go Martina Go!

and the winner is…

  •  One Tree Hill – In it’s final season, this week was one of the biggest tearjerkers (and I watched the first seven seasons on DVD when I was very pregnant and hormonal!) Naley, Brooke, Julian, Dan and Keith! Plus 1 – that’s all I can say!

Check back next week – will Once Upon a Time regain it’s title as my favorite, or will Mad Men come back on the scene with full force?

For your NOOK or KINDLE – If you are a fan of Once Upon a Time – try this story for Young Adults…

  • – part of the TaleSpins collection – the previously untold story of the previously unknown 8th dwarf, named Creepy.

Across the map – 

  • Here is a Living Social deal for a trip to New Hope.  A quaint get away when you want to leave the city behind.

In the kitchen –

On the computer –

  • i heart organizing is a blog I love. Check out how Jen turned a bedroom into the most beautiful birthday surprise for a lucky, little girl. 

What were your favorites this week?  Comment and let me know what you’re watching, what you’re reading,  what you’re baking and what trips you’re planning!

Thanks for reading this week!

2 thoughts on “My Friday Favorites 03/23/12

  1. Maria says:

    Oh my-where do I start??? Once Upon A Time is such a great show and this weekend we will be introduced to Alice in Wonderland’s story line-exciting!
    One Tree Hill is just breaking my heart. It is such a strange feeling-Oriana and I have been watching this series since it first started. It was our “thing”. Now it is ending right at the same time she is going to go off to college, it feels very fitting.
    And the return of Mad Men has me so excited!!! It has been way too long. And Sunday night is a 2 hours. Like you, I guess I watch too much TV.
    I am going to look for that book you mentioned above for my Nook. I am going to need all kinds of books to read-I am having surgery Monday morning so I will need to occupy my mind as much as possible!

    • Maureen says:

      I know I am watching too much TV — I can’t wait for the Mad Hatter either — but the clips look like he is in present day … so that’s a twist! I just fixed the links to the nook book above — “8” links to Barnes and Noble to purchase – and Talespins links to the author’s blog. Thanks for always reading and commenting Maria! I’m glad we watch all the same TV shows… no one better call us Sunday night!!! Good luck with surgery Monday – I hope all is Ok.

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