My Friday Favorites 03/30/12

Let’s cut right to the chase – here are my Friday Favorites this week…

On TV Once Upon a Time – so close again – The Mad Hatter in the reality world- so good!

But as anticipated, the winner is…

  •  Mad Men– season five started this week and the two hour opener was fantastic. I have missed this gang. Every scene with Roger has me laughing…does anyone else wish they had meetings at work in the hallway outside the conference room and your report was about the lunches and drinks you are getting with clients?

Check back next week – will One Tree Hill (which I was really disappointed in this week – what a fall from first place grace!) be number one? After nine seasons, the series finale airs Wednesday night.

On the computer –

  • circa dee – can you see this green table in my color coded life? I can! Gorgeous!

On the sales rack –

  • Sur la Table one of my favorite stores – Spring Clearance sale – up to 60% off some great items.

What were your favorites this week?

Leave me a comment and thanks for reading this week! The 100th comment gets a prize – and it’s a good one!

8 thoughts on “My Friday Favorites 03/30/12

  1. Matthew Decker says:

    Mad Men was amazing….perhaps you need a blog entry on the perils of owning a white carpet and throwing a party….

  2. Dana says:

    Hey there! Thanks for including my table in your round up. omigosh and mad men, I think I need to just netflix the entire series because I’m so out of it!

    • Maureen says:

      start from the beginning – it’s worth it! Larry & I watched the first three season in about three weeks! Is the green table for sale yet 😉 ?

    • Maureen says:

      Thank you for reading Betsy! I hope you got some cool stuff from Sur La Table – I love that store! I always wanted to take one of their cooking classes – have you ever done that?

  3. Maria says:

    I did not love this week on One Tree Hill. I think it is because we didn’t get to see the funeral, didn’t you want to see it?
    As for Mad Men-loved it! So happy that show is back on. I can totally see myself in that setting. I keep telling my mother she should watch it with me because she was actually a secretary during that exact time. She lived Mad Men!
    And Once Upon A Time-can it get better? Alice in Wonderland is one of our faves so that was fun to see, although we were hoping for a glimpse of Alice herself.
    I can’t believe how many good television shows are on right now. Don’t forget about Alcatraz-that is one that Joe and I watch every week. And coming in April on the Starz channel is a new shows set in the 60s like Mad Men called Magic City and it takes place in Florida.

    • Maureen says:

      We watch all the same shows Maria! I need to put Alcatraz on my list to catch up on this summer – it sounds good. My sister also says I need to watch White Collar – do you watch that? Valerie from original 90210, Peyton from OTH, and Sanford from SITC! I need to check out this Magic City too! (Is Pan Am coming back or did it get cancelled?) Hope your foot is feeling better.

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