Spring Break Vacations

spring breakAre your kids off for the week?  Not sure what you are going to do all day with them, or what you are going to leave the nanny to do all day?  Here are some fun ideas to incorporate this week so you all enjoy your time together.  If you are working and you leave these projects for them to do – make sure to set aside time at dinner so they can share with you the experiences they had during the day.

1.  Make a box for each day.  Put three everyday items in each box.  Put one slip of paper in each box each with a different sentence  such as: Once upon  a time, in a land far away, lived a shy dragon and an evil witch….  Now your kids must finish the story – and they must somehow use the three props in the box in the story too!

2.  Gather all your art supplies and make Easter / Passover / Just Thinking of You cards for different members of your family and far away friends. Let them address, stamp, and walk to the mailbox, too.

3.  Look up on the internet different trees and flowers.  Print out the pictures and go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt.  Work together to try and find each type of picture you printed out.

4.  Plan out your meals together for the week and let the kids help in the kitchen.  Let them make menus or a “Today’s Specials” Board and pretend you are at a restaurant.

5.  Have a pile of magazines ready to be recycled?  Let the kids at them first to make a collage.

These are just a few things, of course there are a million activities you can do with your kids – read stories, play dress-up, listen and dance to the radio, the list could go on and on.  Does your family have a favorite game, activity or craft you like to do?  Leave me a comment.  I really would love to give this prize away this week – so keep the comments coming!

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