Where Have I Been?

Did you miss Helpful-Humpday Hints yesterday?  Wondering where My Color-Coded Life has been? It has been a long week of cleaning, purging and organizing as my family gets ready to sell my parents’ home.  Phew!  I’m exhausted – but found inspiration for future posts! Since I have had no TV, internet – and sometimes not even phone – I won’t have anything to talk about for Friday Favorites tomorrow.  Instead look out for a regular post.

Next week – back to my reoccurring weeklys on Wednesday and Friday (After I catch up on my DVR, pile of magazines, and straighten up my own house!)

Image from The Hubby Diaries

4 thoughts on “Where Have I Been?

  1. Denise says:

    Good luck with your parents home…both getting it cleaned out and then selling it. I can only imagine what a huge job it is for all the Mullins. I am thinking about all of you! xoxo

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