Delicious Banana Split Cake

Here is another easy, quick recipe that produces a delicious cake!  I made this before my journey to my parents’ house – and it was a nice break for my siblings and I to stop and enjoy a piece of cake.  One day we even ate it for breakfast.  Hey – no judging, it was a hard week! You can view the whole recipe here: Banana Split Cake

All the necessary ingredients: white cake mix, vegetable oil, eggs, water, bananas, chocolate chips, chocolate frosting.










Add eggs, water, and oil to the cake mix.






Add mashed bananas.






Add chocolate chips.

Pour into a greased 13 X 9 pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 38 – 42 minutes.










While it’s baking, get the frosting ready – you can melt it or not. I usually don’t because nine times out of ten I am making it at night to refrigerate overnight, and personally I don’t like melted frosting that immediately gets put into the refrigerator instead of served right away. Here I have different frostings stacked in my cupboard.  I choose milk chocolate frosting for this cake.







Frost the cake.










Enjoy with a glass of milk!








Weight Watchers Points Plus: 9 points for one serving if you cut cake into 16 square servings.

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