May Day







I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe it is already May!

Things I want to accomplish this month (and hopefully will write posts about.)

  1. Clean up my home office.
  2. Put out my summer decorations.
  3. Go through my stack of magazines and purge.
  4. Go through my closets and donate to Good Will.
  5. Get ready for Olivia’s first birthday party!

What are some things you want to accomplish this month?  Do you have any May Day traditions in your family? Does May Day remind you of anything?

It reminds me of Mad Men – when Don Draper first noticed Sally’s teacher Miss Farrell dancing with her students around the May pole.  We knew how that was going to turn out…






Photo from Square Eyes


Happy May Day – summer is almost here!

One thought on “May Day

  1. Maria says:

    I can’t believe it is May either! I’ve said it 5 times already today. Some of the things I am planning on accomplishing are:
    1. Finishing storing my basement in our storage facility and finally finishing the walls and floor down there.
    2. I’ve already done some closet cleaning and donating in both my closet and Lainie’s but I know we have to do one more sweep through.
    3. We a few more house projects I’d like to get finished before summer and the heat attacks: all new bedroom doors on the second floor and new paint for the third floor stairwell and hallway.
    4. And like you, planning for Lainie’s birthday which is June 30th. She is going to be 6!
    5. One other major event this June that I have to deal with: Oriana is graduating high school! So we have to plan a dinner, and instead of a party she has asked for a trip to CA so that is in the works as well.
    I have been dreading June coming up because there is so much to do but I do love accomplishing so much!

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