Helpful Hump-day Hints 05/02/12

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Joining us for the first time?  This is my weekly Wednesday blog where I try to give quick, easy-to-do hints on how to maximize your fun / relaxation time on the weekends, instead of Saturday and Sunday becoming your “work at home” days.

Here are my HHHs (Helpful Hump-day Hints) for this week. This week I decided to concentrate on my car.

HHH#1  Bring two things with you when you go to your car to go to work.  A small trash bag and a container of Pledge Multi-Surface wipes.  Put any trash that may have accumulated in your car in the trash bag.  Stopping for coffee?  Throw the trash bag away in the parking lot trash can.  Use the multi-purpose wipes to clean the dashboard and the inside of the windows.

HHH#2 Organize a container in your trunk to store items you want to leave in the car.  Reusable grocery bags, emergency roadside kit, first aid kit, extra diaper travel kit.

HHH#3  Organize the glove compartment. Throw out anything you don’t need.  Make sure your insurance cards, registration info, roadside assistance card or info and a package of pledge multi-purpose wipes are all in the glove compartment.

HHH#4  On the way home from work, go through the car wash and get the inside vacuumed.  You will beat the long lines that will form on Saturday – especially now that it is nice weather!

Did you do any HHHs?  How did you get a jump start on your weekend to-do list? Make a comment and let me know.  Also – don’t forget to give yourself a little reward for tackling some chores midweek.

Happy Hump-day!

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