My Friday Favorites 05/18/12

You’ve made it to the weekend – or you are very close at least…just a few more hours!

Thanks for stopping by today to check out My Friday Favorites:

On TV –   Mad Men – the return of Betty with a vengeance.  Does anyone else think this season is just too much of Megan?   The Bachelorette – I have not read any spoilers but here is my take after only watching the opening episode… she’s going to end up with the race car driver. (and by end up with – I mean end up on an uncomfortable after-the-final-rose ceremony special TV show,  wondering why their engagement didn’t work out, after they met on a reality TV show, dated for a few weeks while she was seeing at least 10 other men, while simultaneously being filmed by TV crews, forced to not see each other for months when the show was airing, and tabloid magazines printed horrible articles about both of them.)

OK – enough of that silliness! I had two favorites this week – both season finales that choose to end their first seasons very differently. 

  • Once Upon a Time – Emma believes and the curse is broken!  The finale choose to wrap up the main problematic plot point of the whole season… yes, Mr Gold set some crazy purple magic haze loose on the town, but for the most part things were resolved and there was not much of a cliff hanger.  I’m interested in where the writers’ will take this story now. (I would have ended it with Henry in the hospital bed. I like more of a suspenseful ending…see favorite #2…)
  • Scandal – It starts by covering up a murder and Olivia let’s everyone know Quinn isn’t who we all think she is.  The President is hanging on by a thin thread and decides that he should just resign; until Olivia has 20/20 cameras on the way and a plan to make him look great in the public eye again.  The scene with the Vice President (Ellis Grey!) shows he still has the presidential spirit in him.  The shows ends with a big cliff hanger… the DA says he ran Quinn’s fingerprints and Olivia asks Quinn if she is going to tell her identity or should she.  Who is Quinn??!!?? (My husband said we have to re-watch the first episode for clues when we first met her.)

 On the page 

  • All You Magazine –  Take a Break from Spending is a great article in the June 2012 issue (pages 103-105, must read it in the magazine, it’s not online.) A five step plan (Get Motivated, Recruit Help, Take Stock, Set a Budget, Measure Success) to get your spending on track, plus tips on how to save over a weekend, during the week, or for a whole month.  Tips from this magazine you can find online about this topic – 10 tips to Living Debt Free.

In the kitchen –

  • Melon – Lime Cooler – The weather is getting warmer and I love smoothie drinks.  Especially fruit smoothies.  Here is a recipe I can’t wait to try.  I found this online when I was looking for a different type of smoothie.  (Banana Strawberry is my usual go-to.)  Even the picture cools me off.  All of these ingredients are on my grocery list for this week!

On the computer –

  • Love Your MoviesA Look Back at the All Time Greatest Summer Blockbusters – I can’t go anywhere without being reminded that Men in Black is coming out with another installment this summer. It’s on a million billboards, commercials, even my coffee cup from Dunkin Donuts.  This list has a lot of great movies on it that really were the highlight of some summers!

On the sales rack – 

  • The Container Store – Travel Sale – luggage, cosmetic bags, shoe bags, toiletry bags, wallets, clutches and totes – all in fun colors and prints.

What were your favorite things from the past week?  Leave me a comment and tell me what you’re watching, reading, buying and drinking! Remember – the person who makes the 200th comment on my blog gets a prize.

Happy Friday!

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