Helpful Humpday Hints 06/06/12

Happy Wednesday to all my readers.  Thanks for checking in today.  We have reached midweek – the weekend is almost here!

Here are my HHHs (Helpful Hump-day Hints) for this week.

As our big first birthday party approaches, this week I am concentrating on party planning.

HHH#1  Write out the complete menu.  Organize all of the food you need will need.  Separate this list by what you already have and what you need to buy. In the what you need to buy column, organize by stores.  It’s also helpful to jot down approximate prices so you have an idea/ rough budget.

HHH#2  Something I always do is keep a folder with different items I collect for the party (the invitation, maybe a piece of fabric or ribbon.) I keep this folder in my purse or car so when I am shopping I have all of my party inspirations together.  It really made me smile when my friend Nina also wrote about doing this over on one of my favorite blogs, les petits presents. Nina and I both have June babies, so we are party planning at the same time of year!  Check out her amazing superhero party she just had! (Click here to see my latest inspiration folder.)

HHH#3  Another list should be decorations and paper products.  You can organize this the same way you do the food lists – what have I have vs need to buy, stores and budget. 

HHH#4 Organizing your house.  What are all the household things that need to be done before your guests arrive?  Make that list and break it up by days starting the weekend before the party. 

What are your helpful hints when planning a party? Make a comment and let me know. I’ll be giving away another prize for the 200th comment, so keep them coming!  (Click here to see what I gave away last time: The 100th Comment Contest.)

Happy Hump-Day!

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