For the Fathers

Yesterday I got out my card stock, craft paper, and Father’s Day stickers to make some Father’s Day cards.  I needed to make three, one for for my husband, one for my father, and one for my father-in law.  I started by laying all the materials out to see what I had. Designing the cards is really the only part that takes some time, and that’s mostly because I am indecisive!  I pair up different stamps and stickers with many kinds of patterned craft paper until I finally choose a design.










Making the cards takes only a minute or two.








Yesterday we celebrated with my Dad by going out for burgers and doing some shopping.  We made him a calendar with iphoto.  I collected pictures of my siblings, their children, and my family and assembled a July – June calendar.  iphoto makes this so easy, there are ready made templates and you just drop the photos in you want then select “buy calendar!” Now Grandpa has a photo calendar with all of his kids and grandchildren in it.

Here it is wrapped:










Today we have another full day planned to celebrate!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there especially my husband, my dad, and my brothers.  Have a great day!


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