My Friday Favorites 06/22/12

On TV – 

  • Suits – last night’s episode was a good one.  We saw Jessica in a vulnerable way we have never seen her before.  Mike had to make one of the toughest decisions he has faced thus far.  And we learned that perhaps it has not always been platonic between Harvey and Donna.

On the computer –

  • Cozi – This is a website I belong to.   I don’t use the calendar because I already have my system with our Google calendar but I do like the Shopping Feature.  You can type out your grocery list or a list for any store, save it, and send it as a text message to your cell – or any phone number you save.  Since I buy a lot of the same items at certain stores I save a grocery list, drugstore list, and a Christmas list (more on that later!)  I update it when I know I am going to a store and text myself (or my husband!)  They also send email updates – this week that included: Kids’ Morning Checklists and a Vacation Packing Checklist

 On the page 

  • The Royal Family  – I totally grabbed this in the supermarket line (no it was NOT on my list I texted to myself!) I couldn’t help it.  I love all things Royal Family!

In the kitchen

On the sales rack –

  • Old Navy – time for new shorts, sundresses, 4th of July outfits and flip-flops!  And there is a sale this weekend.

What were your favorite things from the past week?  Leave me a comment and tell me your favorites.  I believe that I will reach the 200th comment with this post– so comment away and you could win a prize.  (click here to see what I gave away for the 100th comment!)

Enjoy the weekend – I’m off the grid again, returning Monday.

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