Helpful Hump-day Hints 07/11/12

It’s Wednesday. Time for Helpful Hump-day Hints.  I’ve been gone for quite awhile and glad to be back!

Here are my HHHs (Helpful Hump-day Hints) for this week.  Since for the past several months we have been clearing out my childhood home – this week’s hints have to do with tag sales / yard sales.

HHH#1   If you have a lot of different items or collectibles with the same theme – place them all together regardless of price.  That way if someone collects ducks, their eyes will go right to your beautiful duck display.  Have in mind a price that you would offer all of the items.

HHH#2  Don’t do change.  Any items you have that are worth less than a dollar – put all in one area or bin and label it 25cents – must buy at least four items! This will make checkout so much easier and your pockets so much lighter.

HHH#3  Price tagging every item can be hard and time consuming.  Buy the small colorful circular dots at any office supply store.  Make each color a certain price .. green = $1, blue = $5, yellow = $10 , and so on.  Make a few of these signs and hang them all around.  Put the dots on the items and no need to write prices on each one.  Need to save more time?  Put everything worth $10 on one table — a put a yellow dot over the table. 

HHH#4 Do you want $5 for the item? Mark it at $7.  When they customer says – will you take $4?  You come back and say how about $5?

What are your helpful hints when organizing a yard sale? Make a comment and let me know!

Happy Hump-Day and thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Helpful Hump-day Hints 07/11/12

    • Maureen says:

      Thanks Liz – that looks like a great site. Marketing the sale is key! You can organize it all you want – if no one comes – it’s a bust!

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