My Friday Favorites 07/13/12

 I have been away for a few weeks and have not done My Friday Favorites in awhile.  I have a lot to share this time around since the weeks have piled up – so here we go – here are my favs from the past few weeks.

On TV –  I’m watching lots of good stuff, which is ironic since it’s summer.  Most people say that all the shows end in spring and there is nothing on TV in the summer.  I’m finding it the opposite. Suits has successfully turned the pressure off Mike Ross and his lack of diplomas hanging in his cubicle, to Jessica and Harvey’s future at the firm with the introduction of the previously elusive Daniel Hardman, co-founder and former Managing Partner at Pearson Hardman. Oh woe is Emily.  The Bachelorette is down to the final 2 – Jef with one f and Arie (please see My Friday Favorites 05/18/12 when I said after the very first episode that she would pick the race car driver.  Arie = race car driver.) Now I’m not so sure – I think the TV edit is trying to lead you to believe she will choose Arie, when in fact she does pick Jef.  Dallas continues its spiral of Ewing family members crossing,double crossing, and triple crossing each other all in the name of oil and their Daddys. I digress!  My pick for favorite is:

  • awkward. – I am Jenna Hamilton is back. Blogging about her confusing relationships with Jake, Matty, and her Mom.  Best supporting cast members:  Tamara and Ming.  If you have to walk down a high school hallway when everyone’s staring – these are the two to have on either side of you!

On the computer –

 On the page  / In the Kitchen – I decided to combine these two this week to let you know the recipes I found in magazines that I actually tried over my time off:

On the sales rack –

What were your favorite things this week?  Leave me a comment and tell me your favorites.

Enjoy the weekend!

2 thoughts on “My Friday Favorites 07/13/12

  1. Sarah says:

    I am sitting in the airport with ONE small carry on for a whole week away. How? Because I color coded my wardrobe per your advice. Teal, blue, and white, all week. Thanks!! : )

    • Maureen says:

      That’s awesome Sarah! It will be so easy to get dressed everyday – not to mention no sorting laundry when you get home! Have a great vacation – and CONGRATULATIONS! You are the 200th comment on my blog! Look out for your prize when you get back!

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