Egg Cups Aren’t Just for Eggs

This is a tradition I learned from my mother.  Giving an egg cup as an engagement gift.  You might say, that’s a strange gift, do engaged women eat more hard boiled eggs?  No!  The egg holder is to put by your sink so you have a safe place to put your diamond.  My mother always said that her generation put it next to the kitchen sink, but my generation put it next to the shower! (I resent resemble that comment!)

Here is the egg holder my mom gave me when I got engaged, and yes I do keep it in the bathroom (that’s a picture of me as a little kid in the bathtub!)










I have carried on this tradition and given an egg holder to many of my friends who have gotten engaged.  In the recent months, since we have been clearing out her house, I took the egg holders I could find so I would have some of her original ones to give as engagement gifts.

Recently, I had a friend get engaged.  I knew exactly what I was going to give her.










Here it is wrapped up.  The funny thing about the black and pink polka dot ribbon is that I bought it in a store that wasn’t very well lit and I thought they were red dots.  I bought it for Olivia’s lady bug party (Lady Bugs for Our Little Bug)  When I got home, I realized it was pink!  I knew I had these pink gift bags though – so the ribbon would still go to good use.










I hope you like this idea for a new and unusual type of engagement gift!  Do you have a gift you always give when someone gets engaged?  Or a different way you use an item?  Here is a great article in Real Simple magazine: 101 New Uses for Everyday Things. Leave me a comment and let me know.

Congratulations to Angela and Michael!

5 thoughts on “Egg Cups Aren’t Just for Eggs

  1. Angela says:

    Thank you, Maureen! I was so touched by your gift, particularly because it was a tradition that your mom started. I received a couple of other ring holders as gifts, but yours has a special meaning. I have not yet taken off my ring (it’s only been about a month!) but when I do, I know just where I’ll put it:)

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