awkward – S02/Ep02 “Sex, Lies, and the Sanctuary”

“I hope I at least have a cameo.” – Tamara

Jenna gets to bask in the glorious, public, hand-holding, relationship with Jake for about 30 seconds when they find out that the Sanctuary – or the area under the bleachers at school, has video camera pointed directly at it.  This should not be a problem for her, but it is, since she has hooked – up with Matty in the sanctuary in the past.  Jenna points out that she had hoped she left her days of being “That Girl” behind, but adding a video of her having sex really wouldn’t help in that department.   A nervous Matty asks Jake if he thinks people will really be able to tell who is on that tape, which leads them to talking about how Jake hasn’t slept with Jenna yet, but Jenna has slept with “some other guy.”  Jenna interrupts their conversation, sending Jake quickly off to class.  Jenna accuses Matty of telling Jake about their past, to which Matty answers that Jake already knows she slept with someone else and now he may find out it’s Matty from a videotape.

The principal informs crazy counselor Val that she needs to help them get the sanctuary tape.  He tells her to find the tape, not watch it,  and just bring it to him.  Comparing their relationship to Prime Minister Blair and President Clinton’s, Val tries to get Jenna to tell her about the tape.  Val admits she has no idea about the tape, and didn’t even know what the sanctuary was.

In desperate act, Jenna asks Ming to befriend the other Asian students who always seem to be in the know about everything.  Ming is not happy about this idea, but agrees to have lunch with them once. She meets up with Becca, an Asian girl who knows everything about Ming already.  Enjoying their ordered in to the cafeteria sushi, Ming asks Becca if she knows anyone who could get the sanctuary tape.

Back on the home front, Lacey is trying to kiss up to Jenna by making all of her favorite dishes for dinner.  Jenna tries to make her mom tell her dad about the whole letter fiasco.

Worried that the tape will get out, everyone at school was confessing their secrets.  Unable to shake her guilt, Jenna told Ming to forget trying to get the tape, she was going to tell Jake regardless.  When Ming tells Becca she no longer needs the tape, Becca tells her that she is already in progress and she would have the tape by tomorrow.

Jake and Matty end up talking again about how it bothers Jake that Jenna isn’t a virgin.  Matty tells him he needs to forget it, that it doesn’t matter, it happened before he was with her.  Jake finally admits to Matty that it’s not that Jenna has had sex, but that she loved this other guy.  Matty runs to the parking lot to Jenna and asks her if she has ever slept with anyone else besides him.  When she says no, Matty immediately tells Jenna that he loves her.  Enter Jake, ready to take Jenna home.

In the car Jake admits to Jenna he is totally jealous of this other guy.  He says he doesn’t want to know who the other guy is and all that matters is that they are together.

Tamara tells Jenna that she still needs to tell Jake.  But Jenna says no, Jake doesn’t want to know.  Tamara reminds Jenna that Matty is in love with her – and people in love do crazy things – he could tell Jake at any moment.  She relates the crazy / love behavior to herself and Ricky Schwartz.  Tamara warns Jenna that the Frasians (Ming’s new Asian Friends) said the tape does exist and it is coming out today.

Becca gives the tape to Ming and informs her that Jenna isn’t on it and that Ming will one day owe her a favor.  Becca tells her the only thing interesting on the tape is the vice principal hooking up with a guy in an ugly snowflake tie.

Crazy Val intercepts the tape from Ming and brings it to the principal – who is wearing an ugly snowflake tie.  Val says she watched it (even though she didn’t.)  The principal announces that the vice principal is stepping down and Val is the new vice principal.  Becca admits to Ming that she wanted this result since the vice principal was not letting them park their cars in the visitor spots.  She also tells Ming that she is now in the Circle Of Trust.  Ming finally gets to tell Jenna that she isn’t on the tape – and that “Hello Kitty” played her like a pawn.

Finally Jenna feels relief, just in time to get a text from Matty to meet him in the sanctuary.  Matty also tells her they aren’t on the tape.  Jenna tells Matty she doesn’t want to keep secrets from Jake, that she really likes him and that Jake never makes her feel bad about herself.  Of course this leads Matty to ask if he made her feel badly about herself, which she nods yes.  He apologizes for that and they decide against telling Jake anything.

Jenna returns to her computer (New post: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell) and once again the anonymous commenter replies to her post.  Lacey tried to win Jenna over through her stomach by making her favorite pie.  Jenna tells her mom to stop and that she can relax, she won’t tell her dad about the letter.  Lacey can’t keep it in anymore either and tells her husband she wrote the letter.

Jake arrives when Jenna texts him that she needs to tell him something.  Jake is nervous to hear what she has to say.  Jenna tells Jake that she is not in love with that other guy anymore.

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