awkward – S02/Ep03 “Three’s a Crowd”

“You are such a novice, paper leaves a trail – start an anonymous twitter campaign – you gotta go big or go home” Sadie Saxton

Jenna feels suffocated as she is always trapped between Jake and Matty. At Crazy Val’s first assembly as vice principal, Jenna tries to sit apart from Matty – but he races to sit right next to her.  The assembly is about bullying. She tells the students anyone caught bullying this week will get a scarlet letter B and have to participate in a 5K run this weekend.  The Dance team comes out –in tight blue spandex one pieces and to no one’s surprise, Sadie gets the first scarlet B when she makes fun of them.  While dancing, Tamara notices Ricky Schwartz making out with a girl in the back row, and proceeds to scream at him from the stage until Val drags her out of the gym.  Matty continues to be the third wheel with Jenna and Jake. In the car, at lunch, at Jake’s after school.  He is constantly tagging along.  Tamara point sot that she can see Matty’s side since the both have be down graded from BFF, to BBF (back burner friend) which is what happens when one part of a BFF gets a significant other.

For her outburst, Tamara is given a scarlet letter B and she must recruit people for the bully 5K as a punishment. Val has a counselor in training shadowing her, who she does her fair share of bullying throughout the episode.

While her relationship has a third wheel – her home life was missing a third person.  Since her dad found out her mom was behind the letter, he was avoiding her. Lacey ‘s plan to lure him back?  She bought a hot tub.

Tamara calls on the phone and points out to Jenna that Matty is trying to home wreck her relationship.  Constantly around, trying to get Jenna’s attention – touching her – taking off his shirt while playing video games.  Jenna tells her that Jake is coming over tonight to watch a movie and maybe go in their new hot tub. Tamara tells her that if Matty ends up across form them in the hot tub – then he is definitely trying to sabotage the relationship.  Cut to a scene with Jake, Jenna and Matty in the hot tub.  Jenna’s dad is trying to sneak in the backdoor and sees Jenna in the hot tub with two guys.  In attempt to send a message, Jenna’s dad joins them in the hot tub.  Jake and Matty get the picture and high tail it out of there.  Lacey tries to seduce Kevin attempting to join him in the hot tub.  He makes it clear he isn’t interested and that he can’t believe she bought a hot tub for their teenage girl to use.

The next day at school, Jenna is filling Tamara in as she is trying to get people to sign up for the 5K.  She is getting people to sign since she is asking for signatures if people think Ricky Schwartz is a douche.  Val catches her.  Sadie tells Tamara she is a novice and in order to really get back at Ricky she has to be smart. Find out what his Achilles heel is and cut it.  She demonstrates by acting nice to Tamara and inviting her over just as Lissa walks by.  She predicts that Lissa will turn back to look at the, which she does.

Jenna takes Sadie’s advice and decides to turn the tables on Matty – not be nice at all and be all over Jake in front of him.  She takes the front seat of the car, shares her food only with Jake, and proves to be very distracting during video game playing. It works and Matty finally leaves the two alone.

Jenna’s dad sits her down and tells her he is going to leave for a few days. Jenna tells them that the letter didn’t ruin her life, but her dad will ruin it if he leaves her alone with a bully.  Back in the hot tub, Tamara assures Jenna that the first separation between parents never takes and when they are splitting up for good, there will be a big grand gesture, like a car.

Jenna confronts Matty and tells him to butt out of her relationship – he turns it on her saying she is the third wheel – and he can’t get a second with his friend because she is so clingy.  She screams at him down the hall prompting Val to slap her with a scarlet B – though she whispers to her “You’re still my girl – see you at the 5 K.” This makes Jenna start to think – is she the third wheel?

Tamara lets Sadie know her advice didn’t work for her, being angry and bullying Ricky Schwartz has only made him more popular.  In her perfect bully fashion, Sadie asks Tamara, “Says who?” as she looks at Ricky flanked by two girls.  Tamara realizes that she has been played by Sadie.

Jenna tells Jake to go hang out with Matty that she doesn’t need to always be around like a clingy girlfriend.  She also apologizes to Matty for thinking that he was trying to sabotage her relationship.  Matty says everything is cool and Jenna reminds him she is being forced to do the 5K because she yelled at him in the hallway. As Jenna walks away, Sadie approaches – she congratulates Matty on trying to sabotage Jenna and Jake, which he at first denies, then as he walks away he turns back and smiles slyly at Sadie.







Lacey shows up to walk the 5K bully run with Jenna, admitting she was a bully. She also tells Jenna that her dad left today.  Jenna holds her mom’s hand and they share a laugh as Tamara screams and runs after Ricky Schwartz.

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