Suits Recap – “Meet the New Boss” S02/Ep03

“What is your problem?” – Daniel             

“People say I’m emotional unavailable.” – Harvey

Jessica welcomes Daniel back at the top of a meeting of the senior partners and Daniel assures everyone that Jessica is still in charge – he is number 2.   Right after his speech, he tries to lend a hand in a case Jessica assigned Harvey.   Harvey lets Daniel know his services aren’t needed and that he works for number 1 – Jessica.  The case is between a hospital and the nurses who are ready to go on strike.

Jessica informs Louis that in a recent survey of new associates in New York Lawyer, Pearson Hardman ranked second to last on quality of life.  Louis wants to know who beat them.  Jessica let him know it was serious and that Harvard wants to take away their on-campus recruiting privileges.   Louis then has to entertain, Shelia, the female version of him, when she comes to observe the firm for Harvard Law.

Over martinis, Donna and Rachel discuss why she hasn’t completed her profile.  Rachel is stuck on how to fill out the Who Am I section on the dating site.  They proceed to get more rounds and pretend to be Harvey and Mike while talking to various men in the bar.

Harvey and Daniel continue with their power struggle with the nurses’ strike case and Mike becomes a pawn between them.  Daniel takes a liking to Mike and sends him in to negotiate which is exactly what Harvey doesn’t want.  Mike tells Harvey that nurses are working longer than their shifts in order to give meds to patients.  He knows this because he saw it on his own grandmother’s chart.

When Shelia tells Louis the result of her investigation, she also shares that Louis isn’t respected by the associates.  She says not to worry, Pearson Hardman can keep their recruiting privileges, but the associates claim they do more work than Louis.  He takes this to heart.  He and Harvey have a heart to heart where Harvey tells Louis he’s the man.  Louis reveals that he taped Harvey saying it and plays it over and over again.

In an attempt to quickly grab a file from Rachel’s office, without having to see her, Mike notices her profile on her computer.  Rachel catches him in her office and he tries to help her complete the Who Am I section, showing that he obviously still has deep feelings for her.

Louis lets the associates know that under no uncertain circumstances he could do all their work better and faster, but he gives them cases so they will learn.  Jessica overhears his lecture and seems impressed.

Harvey uses Mike’s inside information about his grandmother’s meds to force the nurses’ hand.  This angers Mike who tells Harvey to stop using him to get at Daniel.  Rachel shows up at Mike’s door that night demanding answers of why they can’t be together. She said the only explanation must be that he is keeping something from her.  Mike doesn’t say anything, but he runs after her and she storms out.  She begs him to tell her and he tells her that he just can’t.

Daniel approaches Jessica and Harvey in her office to apologize for his recent behavior.  Again, neither are really buying it.  Jessica tells Louis that she is impressed with how he handled the associates earlier that day.  Louis uses this an opportunity to tell Jessica that he would appreciate if she recognized him sometimes too.   Harvey confides in Mike the true story about Daniel.  When Harvey and Jessica discovered Daniel was stealing money from clients, he told them it was for bills relating to his wife’s cancer.  They then found out it was really to support his mistress.

The episode ends showing Rachel making another attempt at the bar exam and Mike visiting his grandmother.

** While watching a Sex and the City marathon on Style network, I realized in S01/Ep02, “Models and Mortals”, that Barkley, the artist and modelizer that videotapes himself in bed with all his model conquests, is none other than a young Gabriel Macht! **

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