Suits Recap – “Discovery” S02/Ep04

“So you’re saying working for me is punishment?” – Louis      

“As far as I am concerned, this whole conversation is punishment.” – Harvey

We begin with Louis kissing up to Daniel and Daniel calling him on it.  Daniel tells Louis that he would like Mike to work on the next case with him.  He responds that Mike is too busy right now working for him.  Louis then makes a B-line for Harvey to tell him that he needs Mike exclusively for a period of time.  Harvey of course responds no.  Then, after Mike makes fun of Harvey’s vinyl record collection, Harvey drags him to Louis’ office and says that he can have Mike.  Of course this is a punishment.

Harvey gets papers in the mail dragging up an old case he settled years ago.  He defended Coastal Motors, a car company that was sued by a family who lost their son in a car accident on the Merritt Parkway (woo-hoo– shout out to my home state of CT!)  The lawyer for the family is none other than Harvey –hater Travis Tanner. Remember him from season 1? He tried to take Harvey down once before.  He claims there’s new evidence and produces and internal document that states there were problems with the car. He also insists that Harvey saw this memo.   He serves Harvey papers saying they are suing both the Coastal Motors and Harvey / Pearson Hardman for fraud.  Harvey practically chuckles when he realizes Tanner is coming after him personally and reminds him that 0-2 doesn’t look good on a resume.  Jessica is concerned that Daniel will get wind of this and use it against them.  Harvey maintains his innocence and that he never saw this memo.  He shows the memo to Donna and asks her if she ever saw it.  He tells her to go through ever file from the original case to make sure the memo wasn’t anywhere.

Mike begs Harvey to take him back so he can get away from Louis and his crazy analogies about war and demands like no sex while working for him.  Harvey tells Mike about the fraud lawsuit but warns him not to tell Louis.

Harvey goes to see his former client, the CEO at the car company, Laurence Kemp.  He brought with him Coastal Motors new General Manager who has an icy reception towards Harvey.  Harvey comes right out and asks if he is being fired.  Harvey reminds Kemp that it was Harvey and Pearson Hardman who was there for him during all of the previous allegations, and when Harvey got them off, their company and Kemp personally did very well financially.   Harvey presses him to make a clean break if that’s what he wants.  He fires Harvey on the spot.   Harvey calls Mike and tells him to go through all the files in this case.  Jessica calls to see what happens, Harvey informs her that the bad news is they were fired, but the good news is anything they discover at this point – no longer falls under attorney / client privilege.

Back at Pearson Hardman, both Donna and Mike are in the archives pouring through all of the files from the case.  Mike is trying to help Harvey and work Louis’ case without Louis knowing what is going on.  Mike makes a break in the case when he discovers memos written about other defects in other cars, but not the model from this case.  He also discovers that the woman who wrote the memo no longer worked for the company the day their case started.  Louis overhears Mike telling Harvey he knows where this woman lives.  Louis asks who? Harvey quickly answers an old girlfriend that he has reconnected with on Facebook.  Louis isn’t buying it for a minute.

Harvey goes to Sarah Leighton’s house, the woman who used to work for Coastal Motors.  She recognizes Harvey right away.  She says she told Kemp about the defect, but didn’t put it in writing.  Tanner followed Harvey to Ms Leighton’s house.  Now Harvey knows Kemp lied on the stand, he has to come forward to say something.  He waits for Laurence in the Coastal Motors parking garage and lets him know he better make things right or he will come forward.  He also warns him that as soon a she does come forward Coastal Motors will let him go, just like he did to Harvey.

Meanwhile, Louis and Mike seem to be forming a bond while working on their case together, of course Harvey dismisses this calling it a “bromance.”  Louis asks Mike if this now means they are on good terms, even though Harvey is the one who turned Mike against him.  Mike tells Louis it has nothing to do with Harvey, and reminds Louis of all of his bad behavior since they met.  Louis goes to Harvey’s office and asks him and Mike what secret are they keeping.  Harvey tells Louis to get lost.  Louis leaves his dictaphone under a magazine to secretly tape Harvey and Mike talking after he leaves.

In the end we see Donna, still in the archive room, with piles of boxes and paper surrounding her.  She picks up a document and when zoomed in, we see it is the document Tanner showed Harvey at the top of the episode.  It was received, and Donna’s signature on it proves it.

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