awkward. S02/Ep08 “Time After Time”

“Because our love was the stuff of poetry, of novels, of blogs, we were like Romeo & Juliet, except our love story didn’t involve a big suicide.” – Jenna

We begin this episode with the chicken dance at Aunt Ally’s wedding and Jenna so excited to be in love with Jake.  She feels like her timing is finally right, she is ready to move forward with her future with Jake.  She just left him a voicemail telling him she loved him.  All her reservations are now in the past.  But Jake crosses the room and tells her he doesn’t want to lead her on and that their timing is off – he is breaking up with her.  The camera pans out on Jenna alone, confused, and surrounded by people doing the Chicken Dance.

Jenna tells Tamara that Jake broke up with her, which shocks Tamara.  They are interrupted by Crazy Default Bridesmaid Val who is concerned that Ally is so drunk at her own wedding and its the bridemaids’ job to take care of the bride.  She also assures Jenna that her other job of keeping Ben and Lindsay apart is being taken just as seriously.

Tamara declares herself speechless, which is pretty uncommon and vows to get the details from Jake on why this sudden, unexpected break-up.  Jenna is left crying at the head bridal table and approached by Satan Sadie Saxton who shows no remorse, nor does she let on that it was her meddling that has cost Jenna her relationship with Jake.  Sadie is whisked away by Ricky Schwartz to dance.







Matty and Courtney are snuggling in his bed while playing video games when Jake calls him to say he and Jenna broke up. He gives Matty every opportunity to fess up and tell him the truth about his past with Jenna.  Matty reassures Jake that Jenna really likes him and only him and offers to meet up with him.  Jake says no and hangs up.    Courtney seems unfazed at the news that Jake and Jenna are done, and also doesn’t notice that Matty is anything but unfazed by this new development.

Lindsay and Val are watch Ally dancing from the head table.  Lindsay is clearly upset about her own romantic woes and Val tries to reassure her that she can go on any dating website and find a guy like Ally has to marry. Lindsay excuses herself for some air and Val moves down the table to see what’s wrong with Jenna.  Val provides as much comfort to Jenna as she did to her mother, and Jenna leaves too.

Tamara grills Jake what could possibly have gone wrong with his relationship that she deems worthy enough for their own moniker “Jakenna.”   When he doesn’t give her a straight answer, Tamara points out that if it really were over, he wouldn’t still be at the wedding.  Jake agrees and gets up to leave.  Jenna tries to stop him and follows him out demanding an answer.   Jenna’s mom is hiding having a cigarette and Ben drags her away.

Jenna stands in front of Jake’s car.  She just wants to know what happened.  She asked if he got her message.  He responds that he did, even though we know he did not.  He tricks her by telling her to get in the car to talk, but when she moves towards the door,  he drives away.

Lindsay and Ben are by the pool taking a walk down memory lane, talking abut the goodbye kiss he never collected.  Jenna sees them kissing and calls her father.   She tells her dad that Ben is at the wedding.   Jenna tells Ally that her little plan of fixing her mom back up with Ben has worked, Ally tells Jenna that her father is not the perfect one Jenna thinks he is. Why else would she hate him so much? It is her Dad who has screwed over her mom time after time over the years – and Ally was always left to pick up all the pieces when Lindsay was devastated.  Jenna is now totally confused.

Matty texts Jake to see if he is OK, which Jake ignores.  Courtney tries to hook up with Matty who says he isn’t in the mood.  He says he has to leave to go take care of his friend.

Dad comes to the wedding to find Lindsey and Ally shows him Ben and Lind slow dancing – reminding him that his timing is always impeccable,  Then asks him to leave – since its what he does best.

Jenna walks home pulling out her Princess Leia ponytails –  just thinking about timing being off for her and Jake and her parents.  She thought Ben was her Mom’s Matty, but in reality was Ben her Mom’s Jake? And her Dad was her mom’s Matty, so her birth caused her Mom not to be with “the one?”  It’s all too much for her! And so are her crazy ponytails.

At home,  Jenna starts blogging.  There is a knock on the glass door.

(I love how in every TV show, the high-schoolers have a door off their bedroom that leads to outside.  Did anyone have one of these growing up?  I know no one who did. And yes I know that not EVERY TV teenager has one of these – just the ones whose parents actually live in their house with them.  The ones whose parents “move and leave them” or are always “away on business”  they don’t need these doors. They come and go as they please.)

OK – back to the story – It’s Matty.  He asks how she is and Jenna asks him what is wrong with her. He assures her nothing is wrong with her.

Meanwhile, back at the wedding, Ally’s getting drunker which Val and Sadie are helping happen.  Ben and Lindsay have a moment where Lindsay tells him that she has a lot of baggage and Ben assures her he is strong and can carry her baggage.

Jake is still in his car and finally listens to Jenna’s voicemail where she tells him she loves him.  What am I doing???? he exclaims!

Back at Jenna’s, she and Matty are on her bed talking, she is crying about Jake.  The conversation goes from her relationship with Jake to her relationship with Matty.  Jenna admits that maybe there is a reason for Jake’s insecurities – and that maybe she hasn’t fallen in love with Jake because she hasn’t fallen out of love with Matty.  Cue the 16 Candles music (they didn’t, but should have) and the lean in and the kiss.  And of COURSE, Jake in the window door and sees them.  Damn you door!

And another high school love triangle comes to light to the third party.  We can add Jake/ Jenna / Matty to this long list …

Brenda / Dylan / Kelly









Brenda moved away and so …we replaced the love triangle with her twin brother.

Brandon / Kelly / Dylan

Peyton / Lucas/ Brooke










Anna/ Seth / Summer








Jason / Lyla / Tim Riggins










Up next week, Jake takes a picture of Jenna and Matty and texts it to her … thank God there were no cell phones years ago – think of how quickly Brenda would have found out about Kelly and Dylan even though she was in Europe!

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