My Friday Favorites 08/24/12

Maybe I should start calling this my Saturday Favorites!  No, no, once fall routines start back up I’ll be back on track!

On TV-

  • Suits – Season 2 finale – loved it!  Though it seems that the war against Jessica and Daniel is over…we all know that can only be for now…what will happen with Mike and Rachel? Will Louis go down next season?  And if he does, will he drag Mike with him?  Can’t wait for Season 3 in January.  Love that they are not making us wait a whole year! Are you still not watching this show?  Netflix seasons 1 & 2 before the new year.

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On the computer –

On the page –

  • Flea Market Decor – a magazine by Well Styled Home – I was in a mini-market this week getting change for a meter, and I was early for a meeting so I bought this off the magazine rack to read.  I had never seen this magazine before but I loved looking at all the pictures and great decorating tips! I saw so many things that reminded me of people when flipping through the pages: red gingham curtains (Nina), red polka dot dishtowels (Leigh), colorful cat pillows (Millie), before and after refinished bureaus (Dana) pretty in pink, bedrooms for daughters (Janet), flag pillows on porch swings (Mom!)

On the sales rack –

  • Carter’s – First Day Favorites, Halloween costumes 40% off and a printable store coupon.

On the wish list –

  • I googled “owl toddler hats” looking for some choices for Olivia, and clicked on this Etsy search  – so many cute choices!  Pages of adorable hand-made owl hats.  I think this one is my favorite: Bri’s Owl Hat – but I still haven’t clicked through all 54 pages!

On my twitter feed –

Leave me a comment and tell me some of your favorite things from this week!

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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