Garlic Green Beans

Here is another installment from our dinner party.  The green beans we served on the side of the mac and cheese for the main course.  I used this recipe: Garlic Green Beans. It’s a gluten free recipe. It’s a quick, easy recipe which is perfect when your other menu items are a little more involved, like the butternut squash soup and the mac-and-cheese.

Confession:  I completely forgot to add the almonds!! I realized this when I was cleaning up and I saw the unopened package sitting on the counter. Oh well!  What vegetable side would you serve with soup and mac-and-cheese?  Leave a comment and let me know.  Thanks for stopping by and reading.

2 thoughts on “Garlic Green Beans

  1. Tammy says:

    Hi Maureen, just saw that you’re doing this blog from Linkedin. It’s been ages since the Wharton Women’s Conference and hope you’re doing well. I often grate carrots right into the mac and cheese for my kids. They don’t know it’s there and I snuck in another vegetable. Personally, I’m into brussel sprouts and think they’re the perfect winter match.

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