My Friday Favorites 10/19/12

Here are my Friday Favorites for the past week:

On TV- Dancing with the Stars,   Goodbye Bristol – finally! No Parenthood due to the Presidential Debate –  Grey’s Anatomy – to settle or not to settle … why does Jackson like April?  Once Upon a Time – Emma’s realizing that the rules are different in this new world.  Revenge -a sneak peek into Emily’s romantic past and I still can’t stand fake Amanda or Ashley.  Nashville –  I have added this show to my line up!

My pick for My Friday Favorite this week is:

  • Scandal– well, well, Mr. President has a jealous side doesn’t he?

For more about your favorite TV shows, including episode recaps, check out My Color TV


On the computer –

  • Organize Your Stuff Now is in the middle of posting 31 Days of Loving Where You Live – I liked Day 11 – Tidy Up  – 5 things to do everyday.  These are five really easy things to accomplish and they will make your home that much neater.  Seriously, don’t you love when your bed is made?  So just do it when you get up!

On the Page –

  • This Old House – Fifty Nifty Fix-Ups for Less than $100 – I just started getting this magazine in the mail.  I never ordered it, and no one, that I know of , sent it as a gift.  Is it because I get Real Simple and Martha Stewart Living?  I wonder if they are sending me free issues hoping I’ll buy a subscription.  I am really enjoying the magazine – so their strategy may work!!  This was a great article with a wide range of ideas to spruce up your house without draining your wallet.

In the Kitchen –

For the Kids (well, really the parents…)

On my Twitter Feed – It was a week for Bachelor / Bachelorette news on twitter!  ‏Ashley and JP set a date and surprise, surprise, the wedding is going to be televised…Ben’s Courtney s now hooking up with Emily’s Arie – stop the madness…Jason and Molly are expecting their first bambino together and it’s adios to Jemily as the last couple, Jef (with one f) and Emily, call it quits.  You hear that Arie???  Emily is single. Here are the tweets that told me all this:

 Real Simple Daily Thought –  to subscribe to get these in your inbox click here.

Here is a picture of my cute pup – my first girl – Lupita!

What were some of your favorite things this week? Leave me a comment and let me know what you are watching, reading, cooking, and organizing.  Happy Friday – have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by and reading.

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