My Friday Favorites 10/26/12

Here are my Friday Favorites for the past seven day:

On TV-  Parenthood  – Haddie comes home, Kristina starts her biggest fight yet, and Max makes a speech of a lifetime  Scandal Olivia & Mellie vs the President, Fitz finally calls Olivia’s bluff , and a strange group of people are gathered around the table at the end. What is going on??!?  Revenge – Victoria nearly kills Amanda, Emily is getting closer to her mom,  still no one suspects Emily / Amanda – but will a mother know her own daughter? Nashville Deacon, Rayna and Juliet may be the next love triangle.

My pick for My Friday Favorite this week is:

  • Grey’s Anatomy –  Great episode! Arizona is fighting back and for the first time this season, we saw her attempt a smile.  Karev told her they needed her back and I think she is starting her road to recovery.  I have to ask again – why does Jackson like April? 

For more about your favorite TV shows, including episode recaps, check out My Color TV


On the Page –

  • Martha Stewart Living – I caught up on my last two issues of this magazine in the past week – Martha is already on to Thanksgiving table decor and pies, but I wanted to still highlight some of her fantastic Halloween ideas.   Check out these Halloween Masks and Headpieces!

In the Kitchen –

  • Three Bean Chilli – this looks perfect for a cool day…with cornbread on the side.

On the Sales Rack –

 On my Twitter Feed – 

              Apples Baked in Cider [Food52] (photo by Jennifer Causey) 

Real Simple Daily Thought –  to subscribe to get these in your inbox click here. I love this quote – my Mom always said it!

I hope you had a great week.  Thanks for stopping by and reading.  Leave me a comment and let me know what your favorite things are right now.  What are you doing for Halloween?  Find any great sales lately? Are you caught up on all your TV shows? Have a fantastic weekend!



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