The 300th Comment Contest

Congratulations to my faithful reader, Maria, who won the 300th Comment Contest.  Have you been wondering what she won?  Well, the suspense is over! I thought a holiday themed prize would be something she could use as we enter the gift giving season.

Handmade giftbag and holiday card

Matching winebag (with a napkin ring for an added touch!)

Since I know Maria, I could personalize part of the prize. I made her family gift tags.

If you want to win prizes like these – you should comment more on my blog! Are you interested in buying any cards, bags or gift tags for the holiday season?  Leave me a comment about that too! Wonder what other prizes were given in my comment contests?

Read about them here:

The 200th Comment Contest

The 100th Comment Contest

Thank you for stopping by to read and for leaving comments! Congrats to Maria!  I hope you can use these items this season. Here is to the next 100 comments and The 400th Comment Contest!

7 thoughts on “The 300th Comment Contest

  1. Maria says:

    I absolutely love everything! I will definitely be able to use everything I won. And, I’m excited about the gift tags, because I can save them and reuse them every year! I will make sure I use the tags on each person’s “big” present, it will make it that much more special.
    Thanks again, Maureen!!!

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