For a Teenage Chef

As I mentioned in my last post about Sweet Potatoes, my nephew was a huge help in the kitchen on Thanksgiving.  And he was showing a real interest (not begrudgingly measuring the flour because his bossy aunts were telling him to do so.)  I decided that I wanted to get something for the kitchen for Christmas.  Luckily, one of my favorite stores, Sur la Table, was having a sale on some of their kitchen wares.  Since he spent two days prepping ingredients for us, I got him prep bowls and measuring cups.  I also wanted to include a recipe of something he might enjoy making and eating with friends.  So as any expert researcher does in 2012, I googled ” recipes for teens.”  I found this great website Cooking with Kids and and great post called Ten Favorite Recipes for Teens.  I printed out the first of the ten recipes, Capture the Flag Pizza, and then gave him the web address to get the other nine recipes.  I added some fun paper plates and napkins and the gift was complete!  I doubt my nephew reads this blog – but I know his mom, my sister, does – so tell him if he takes pictures making the pizza recipe – I’ll include them in another post!


Merry Christmas to Liam!  Do you have a hard time buying gifts for teenagers?  Do you have specific teenage girl or teenage boy gifts you give a lot?  As my nieces and nephews get older, I am always trying to stay creative and “cool” in my gift giving.  I’d love to hear what you bought the teenagers in your life this holiday season.  Thanks for reading and happy, happy New Year’s Eve!

One thought on “For a Teenage Chef

  1. Diane Mullin says:

    Liam will indeed send pictures of his capture the flag pizza. Though he does not read the blog, he does know how to take and transfer pictures! Be on the lookout for those soon. . .

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