Gift Wrapping

Every year my fabulous colleague has a Holiday Gift Wrapping Party.  She is an amazing gift wrapper herself and has each of her brilliantly wrapped presents on display for all to look at for inspiration.  She always has the most creative bows and accents on all of her gifts.  Although I use a lot of my sister’s reusable cloth gift bags, I always save a few gifts each year to bring to this party and learn some new wrapping techniques!

Here are some gifts she wrapped for me:

for denise gift wrap by jessi

for lilly gift wrap by jessi

for michele gift wrap by jessi

Here are some of my attempts – not as great as Jessi’s, but I’m getting there!





Here are some of the handmade bags, plus the gift tags I made this year.  I create gift tags as labels on the computer and switch the fonts and colors each year.  I right justify the names to leave room for a stamp on the left side of the gift tags.



Thanks to Jessi for hosting another wonderful gift wrapping party this year and teaching us all her tricks to making packages look so pretty.  To see some of Jessi’s inspirations on how to make gift wrapping a work of art, check out her  That’s a Wrap! Gift Wrapping Inspirations board on Pinterest.

What are your tricks when gift wrapping presents?  Leave a comment and let me know.  Thanks for stopping by and reading, have a great Thursday.

2 thoughts on “Gift Wrapping

  1. Jessi says:

    I love hosting this party every year. Such a great group of ladies (and the occasional gent)! Thanks for mentioning my Pinterest board.

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