My Friday Favorites 01/04/13

FF gingham

One day late!

On TV-

  • I know we are about 4 years behind – but my husband and I started watching White Collar on Netflix over the holidays.  We are really enjoying this Law and Order meets Suits meets Catch Me if You Can caper show with Stanford from Sex in the City, Valerie from 90210, and Peyton from One Tree Hill – really – how could this formula go wrong?


Do you watch White Collar? Anyone know when it is coming back on?  I saw it was renewed for Season 5.

On the Computer –

  • Apartment Therapy – What’s Your Morning Ritual?  I have recently switched my hours at work to start an hour earlier so I can end an hour earlier.  I am also trying to get into a routine so I am not rushing around like a mad person to get out the door.  I want to stay consistent with this blog, so I usually use sometime in the morning to proof what I have written the night before and publish.   What’s your morning routine like?

On the page –

  • ALL YOU Magazine – January Issue – Clear Out Clutter Hot Spots – talks about organizing the home entry, kids’ rooms and the fridge.  Only available in print – but this online article talks about the same issues: Declutter 101 – 5 Easy Steps to be Clutter-free.  I mentioned I am currently working on my medicine cabinet and hall closet!

In the kitchen –


What is your favorite soup to make or eat in the winter months?

For the Kids –

  • In the Philadelphia area?  You must visit the Please Touch Museum with your kids! Do you spend the day saying “No” and “Don’t touch” to your toddler and kids?  You’ll never say that here!


What is your favorite museum to visit with your family?

On the Sales Rack –

  • Target – Owl Ornaments  – Time to stock up on any ornaments you like or match your tree’s theme.  Of course, I’m looking for unique owl ornaments!


Have you found any great ornament sales this week?  Are you looking for any in particular?

On my Twitter Feed – 

The best moments for women in 2012


 5 things you need to do to your home in 2013


Thanks for stopping by and reading My Friday Favorites on Saturday!  I’d love to hear all about your favorite things, so leave me a comment and let me know what you are loving this week.  Have a great rest of your weekend!

2 thoughts on “My Friday Favorites 01/04/13

  1. Maria says:

    Lainie and I miss Please Touch Museum more than I can express in words. It was one of the most wonderful places for us to go and play and have special play dates with all of Lainie’s closest friends. It gave me the ability to also have fun with my Mommy friends since we didn’t have to say no and stop every second. There is nothing like that here.

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