My Friday Favorites 02/22/13


Here are all my favorite things from the past seven days.

On TV-   Grey’s Anatomy is starting the pick up again – the last two weeks have been really good – reminding me of the original years.  Seattle Grace Mercy West hasn’t seen its last days yet – thanks Harper-Averys!  The Bachelor continues to drive me crazy – but of course – I am still watching.  Like most seasons, I could care less who is chosen, (and I don’t even think Sean is cute – so I care even LESS than usual)  but love to see the contestants fall in love, go on this journey, follow their hearts, be in it for the right reasons… blah , blah, blah.  Suits – Hardman’s name is down – is Spector’s going up?  and Scotty’s back, make Donna territorial – I love territorial Donna!

  • My pick for Friday Favorite is — Scandal!  Fitz has worked my last nerve – who does he think he is treating Olivia Pope like that?  OH NO HE DIDN’T! And becoming a stalker too?? (And more crossover in Shondaland — Jake is Teddy’s patient turned husband from Grey’s!)


On the Computer –

Pantry Remodel by Jenna Sue

On the page –

  • Real Simple Magazine – March issue – 5 Tough Parental Talks by Emma Johnson … this article isn’t what you might think it’s about – no birds and the bees.  It’s how to talk to your parents about getting older, their wishes if they get sick, and if they have a will.  No online link to this article – but worth buying the magazine to read it. As uncomfortable as it may be, in order to respect your parents wishes and have less decisions to make during an emergency – these conversations are very important to have.   Here is an article with similar themes from Real Simple online – How to Talk to Parents About Aging.


In the kitchen –

  • – 15 Dinners from your Pantry – recipes that use ingredients you most likely already have in your cabinets!  No shopping required.


For the Kids –

  • Awesome ideas for “Toddler Activity Bags.”  Easy to throw in your purse to bring along when you need to keep your little one busy.  Check out Tried & True and Chasing Cheerios for more details on what to put in Toddler Activity Bags and how to organize a Toddler Activity Bag Swap.

On my Twitter Feed – I love Jennifer Weiner’s tweets during the Bachelor – they are hilarious!

Thanks for stopping by and reading My Friday Favorites.  I’d love to hear all about your favorite things, so leave me a comment and let me know what you are loving this week.  Keep the comments coming – remember the person who makes the 400th comment wins a prize! Have a great weekend!

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