My Friday Favorites 03/01/13

FF apples grn

Hello March!  I don’t know about you but I am ready for spring!!

Here are all my favorite things from the past week.

On TV-  Suits – the finale was actually last week – but I watched it this week on my DVR – oh my – where do I begin? Jessica is growing horns, Harvey is growing a heart, and Rachel and Mike – well that was a HBO eyeful…. White Collar – The return of Sarah!  I love her!  But as soon as they bring her back – they make her maybe moving to London… here’s hoping Neal grows the same heart as Harvey … they both have the same promos – so it could happen….

  • My pick for Friday Favorite is — The Carrie Diaries! The prequel to Sex and the City — I DVRed the first six or seven episodes, thinking, maybe I’ll watch these one day.  Last weekend I tried it out and, I guess not surprisingly, I even love high school Carrie Bradshaw!  I was a huge fan of SITC – my life paralleled Carrie is so many ways…same age, same dating woes, and married the same year (I did not marry my Mr. Big, or my Jack Berger – thank god – I like to think I married my Aiden.) The soundtrack to this show alone is worth it! If you haven’t watched it yet – check out Carrie in the diner with Maggie (Samantha), Mouse (combo of Miranda and Charlotte) and Walt (Stanford) pining away over Sebastian (Mr Big.)
    Warning: Carrie’s home life growing up does not match up to her story on SITC – her father is present and she has a sister!


On the Computer –

  • Congrats to Michael over at TaleSpins who’s ebook is now available – check it out!  TaleSpins eBook Available.You can get all 3 TaleSpins stories on sale for Kindle and Nook. 8: The Untold Story, The Plight and Plot of Princess Penny, and the never-before published Jack’d in one eBook for just $1.99!


On the page –

  • The Best of Martha Stewart Living – Cakes and Cupcakes – a sneak peek at a new magazine edition by Martha – with her very best baking recipes and tricks to make your cakes look like the pros.

Martha Stewart cupcake

For the Kids –

  • Old Navy – Pop Color Pants for Baby – these adorable pants come in red, yellow, green, purple, blue, and coral and the sizes available range from 3 to 24 months. Perfect for spring!

pop color pants Old Navy

On the sales rack –

  • Bed Bath and Beyond Clearance Sale – a wide variety of items – bedding, house wares, candles, and much, much more! You know you have a 20% off coupon you got in the mail too!

bed bath and beyond logo

Thanks for stopping by and reading My Friday Favorites.  What are your favorite things this week?  Keep the comments coming – remember the person who makes the 400th comment wins a prize! Have a great weekend!

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