A Birthday Party

This weekend I wanted to post pictures of the yummy St Patty’s Day food we made, plus document a craft we were making for a birthday party.  BUT – I can’t find my camera!  Grrrr.. I cannot figure out where I put it!!  I use it so much for this blog, I always know where it is.  I am sure it will turn up soon.  So – my pictures today are taken from my TERRIBLE phone (no, I don’t have an iPhone.) But I figured some pics were better than no pics!

Back in February when I was shopping at the craft store for Valentine supplies, I saw the cutest bee stickers.  I thought about Olivia’s friend Charley, who has a bee themed nursery and that her first birthday was coming up in March.  I bought the bee stickers and some other craft paper to make a picture as a gift.

materials for charley's gift

I pulled out the supplies to make the craft.  We were getting ready for Olivia’s first party as a guest!  Notice anything missing?  Some bee stickers, maybe? Yup – couldn’t find them.  But now it’s Friday night and I can’t go out and get any. So the present had to go on without the bee stickers (even though they were the inspiration!)for charleyHere is whet we came up with – I finished it off by putting the picture in a white frame. stencil a C

To jazz up the gift bag, I stenciled a “C” on some colorful craft paper and cut it out.

Remember to draw letters backwards when stenciling them. charley's gift

Once I cut the “C” out, I affixed it to a green gift bag, added a yellow bow, and we were ready to bring our gift to the party!

I told Charley’s mom, one day soon I will find the bee stickers – and can add them to the picture then.  We had a great time at this first birthday party.

Happy Birthday Charley!

P.S. For those of you keeping score at home – I am missing my camera and some bee stickers — so much for my organized life lately!  Oh well, bring on another week!

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