Organizing Home Decor Projects

Now you’ve seen some before pictures of our new house, and clearly we have a lot of work to do!  I knew I was going to have to put a system in place to help me keep track of all the paint colors, swatches, inspirational ideas, diagrams, and budgets I would be working with.  But before we get to how I’m organizing all that, I want to show you how I organized all the paperwork of actually buying the house!

Here is the binder I assembled for all the mortgage paperwork.  Since we did purchase a short-sale home – there was a ton of paperwork.  There is a lot of paperwork when buying any home, but there is even more when buying a short-sale!

Mortgage Paperwork Binder

Mortgage Paperwork Binder Ok –enough of the boring mortgage paperwork-  now on the the fun stuff!

I decided the best way to keep everything straight was to divide up the projects by room.  I had this accordion file folder that matched the binder I used above (both are from Target.)

Home Decorating File System I labeled each section a different room and that is where I keep anything I need to reference for that specific room.  I also made a “General Tips” section. Here I file ideas and inspirations that could help with the house as a whole.  Like an article of how to remove wallpaper!  Obviously we can use that for every room!

Home Decorating File System Here are some of our color schemes:

Our Bedroom:

our bedroom colors

Olivia’s Bedroom:

Olivia's Bedroom colors

Living Room:

Living Room colorsI am using the floor plan of the house and diagrams I drew of some of our rooms a lot.  I need to access them when I am at stores, like Home Depot, a store I am very acquainted with these days.  On a separate trip to Target (I was looking for some new throw pillows for our couch – more on that later) I saw this!  Perfect for holding the floor plans and diagrams AND has a clipboard on the front AND has a built in notebook for To-Do lists AND it matched all my other stuff.  ME = HAPPY.

Home Decorating Organization System

Home Decorating organizational System

That’s how I’m keeping organized.  Are you remodeling, redecorating or reorganizing? How are you storing all the information you need at your finger tips?  Leave me a comment and let me know – I love hearing about other people’s organizational systems!

As always, thanks for stopping by and reading.

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