Suits on USA: a recap of Season Two

Suits Season 3

Season three of Suits premieres tonight, Tuesday, July 16 at 10pm EST on USA.  Here’s a quick refresher of what’s going on and where we are about to pick up the story…

Jessica and Mike Jessica knows Mike’s secret

Daniel Hardman ReturnsDaniel Hardman returns a changed man – but we quickly find out he only wants to take his firm back

Mike and Rachel Things got heated, then cool, then very hot between Mike and Rachel

Donna finds the file Donna made a big, big mistake…

Harvey and Donna

Donna walks away …then Harvey did

Louis meets with Allison …and the Louis did

Daniel Hardman Hardman beat Jessica

Jessica then Jessica beat Hardman

Mr ZaneRachel has Daddy issues…

Harvey …and so does Harvey

Scotty returnsScottie returns wanting her firm to merge with Harvey’s

Harvey and Jessica and Harvey and Jessica do not see eye to eye anymore.

Which brings us to the Season 2 finale.  It was down to Harvey vs. Jessica. Whoever wins the case will get what they want. For Jessica, the merger and Harvey will not be a partner.  For Harvey, no merger and his name is stenciled on the door. Harvey told Scottie he didn’t trust her since she wasn’t honest about the merger in the first place.  After being counseled by Donna, Scottie gave up the info Harvey needed to win to Mike.  Jessica warned Mike not to use that info or she would not only fire him, but have him arrested.  Harvey fires Mike.  Jessica rehires Mike.  Harvey loses the case and Scottie is fired for giving the info up.  Harvey knows he has lost the chance to be partner, but still tries to do right by Scottie asking that she is rehired.  But rehired where? The New York office or London?

What happens next?  Tune in tonight at 10PM EST to USA for the first episode of Season 3.

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