My Friday Favorites 08.09.13

My Friday Favorites

 Happy Friday everyone! I took today off from work so my weekend started last night – BUT some of you only have a few hours left! My faithful readers know I love the weekends, a chance to step away from the grind, spend time with family (or get some precious “me” time.)  I also love recapping all the things I loved about the week in my weekly blog – My Friday Favorites.  So let’s jump right in!

Here is what I am loving this week!

On TV –

  • Suits  is still the only show I am currently watching live!  This week was another good episode…WHAT is Donna getting herself into?  And is Harvey going to pull the old “even if I don’t want you, no one else can have you” routine??

Donna going on her date - Suits

Now is the time of year when you can start reading up on all your favorites shows that are currently filming to start back in the Fall.  Things that I have taken notice to:  Parenthood is moving from Tuesdays to Thursdays – this is a BOO for me .. because now it is up against Greys and Scandal … I’ll have to set the DVR.  The Carrie Diaries is moving from Mondays to Fridays – this is a YAY for me as I never, ever have plans on a Friday night so I will most definitely be able to watch this one.

On the Page – 

Before Closet shot from Real Simple

After Closet shot from Real Simple

On the Computer 

  • How to Make a Paper Chain Garland from Hank & Hunt  –  such a simple decoration to make and it looks great at any event!  I love these chains as it brings back memories of my childhood when my older sisters would make me advent calendars in December as Paper Chains. Each day I would remove one link which had a secret message inside.   Hank & Hunt is doing a 30 Days of Garland segment – so if you like making banners and garland – check them out for some new creative ideas! 

Hank & Hunt

On my Pinterest Board – again I will reference my weekly “Pins You Would Love” email. It tells me great boards to follow and pins that they think I will favorite and repin. (Even though this weekly email proves that Big Brother is watching us on the internet – I still love when it is exactly right!) Here are some boards they told me to follow (and I did.)

Buhos, owls, y corujas

Owl bag

kid’s party 

Fruit Candy Crab Cupcakes

picture originally from Cupcakes Garden 

these would have been great at Olivia’s Under the Sea party!

For the kids –

ArtSplash at the Phila Art Museum

On the sales rack –

  • Mason Jar Candles from Bath and Body Works – I know I picked these one week as a great gift idea – well – now they are on sale! Go online and buy two for only $15 and put them away until Christmas. Look, you already have two gifts bought for the holidays- don’t you feel really ahead of the game??

Heirloom Pear Mason Jar Candle

On the wish list  –

  • Index Bookends from The Container Store   aren’t these colorful desk bookends great?  Lots of room to organize all the magazines and files you are saving – plus cute tabs that you can write on with a dry-erase marker.  This way when your needs change – so can your organizational system.  LOVE!

Index Bookends from The Container Store   Index Bookends from The Container Store

So that is a list of my favorites for this week.  What are some of your favorites?  Leave me a comment and let me know what you are watching, reading, and re-pinning.  Any great sales you have found or a blog you love?  I need inspiration for some new things to favorite!

As always, thanks for reading. Have a fabulous weekend.

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