Back to School Brunch

Yesterday, I hosted a small Back to School Brunch for Olivia and my girlfriend’s two kids.  Fall is almost here and I hope that I can get back into some of my usual routines – one being blogging!

Besides a fun time for my friend and the kids – the best part about this party was it was completely outfitted from the dollar store!  (Except for some items left over from The Cat in the Hat party!)  I also only served food that was already in my fridge.  Affordable and fun – my favorite things!

Back to School Brunch 2014




Back to School Brunch 3Red and white striped wrapping paper table cloth with black poster board “chalkboard” place mats.

Back to School Brunch 2Craft supplies!

Back to School Brunch 4Every Back to School Party should also celebrate summer – and what better way than with an ice cream bar?

Are your kids back to school tomorrow?  Already started?  How did you celebrate the end of summer?  Leave me a comment and let me know.  Up next – my Fall preview for TV!!  I’ll publish this week before all the good shows start again.  Have a great Sunday and thanks for reading.

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