15 Reasons I Know It’s Fall

15 Reasons I know it’s Fall:

15. No more iced caramel coffees, bring on the hot pumpkin spice lattes.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

14. Blankets come out of the linen closet and are placed on the end of the beds.

13. School supply aisles become school supply sections. Notebooks for brand new to-do lists and schedules. Highlighters! Post-its! Sharpies!

12. Cardigan sweaters are worn in the hours of 7am-9am and 6pm until bedtime.

11. Goodbye beach and coconut scented candles and lotions… Hello sweet cinnamon pumpkin scents.

Bath and Body Works Fall Scents

10. Time to pack up the American flag and beach home decor and take out the apples, autumn leaves, and pumpkin decorations.

9. Beautiful blank calendars to color-code with our new school year schedules. Events like Pool and Water Park are replaced with Fall Festival and Apple Picking.

8. Kiss away clear lip gloss for autumn brown and maroon lipsticks.

7. I sip my last gin and tonic and clean out the crockpot for hot butter rum apple cider.

Hot Butter Rum Cider

6. Jeans that are never worn in summer are pulled out as the pool bag, towels, and bathing suits are sadly packed away.

5. My daughter starts the daily question: “What are you going to be for Halloween?”

4. My sister sends around the Annual Thanksgiving Recipe Google doc.

3. We return to magical places like Shondaland, Chicago, and Berkley (for just 13 more episodes *sniff*.) Time to fill the DVR again!

Parenthood Final Season

2. Words like Eagles, Giants and Jets are suddenly all over my Facebook newsfeed. On the positive side, my Pinterest homepage is full of snacks, dips, and chili recipes.

And the last reason I know it is fall…

1. People start talking about Christmas and anxiety sets in!

Happy Fall everyone!

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