A Happy Spooky Halloween Party

We had a great time at our annual Halloween Party this past weekend.  In addition to good friends, fun times, and delicious snacks it’s always great for the kids to do a test run of their costumes!

A spooky clip-art owl was my inspiration for the party.  Here are the materials I used to make the invitations and menu cards.

halloween party invitations


halloween menus cards

We had a lot of fun (and healthy!) snacks.

mummy apples


pumpkin fruit cupsI tried to draw the pumpkin faces on the fruit cups, but I did not have the right type of black marker (or these fruit cups had a plastic that you can’t draw on.)  I printed out jack-o-lanterns instead.  I also put random googly eyes around the table on the black table cloth.

spooky cheese sticks



boo bananas

The Boo Bananas were such a hit last year, I made them again!

jack o lantern veggies and dip


Halloween Party table spread

and some not-so-healthy snacks, too!

Witches broom


halloween dessert table

and something brewing in the crock pot cauldron for adults….

hot buttered apple cider rum

Hot Buttered Rum Apple Cider

someone's in the rum!

at some point a googly eye from the cups dropped in the cider!  Someone was watching you!

halloween gift bagsNo party is complete without gift bags!

lupita the fairy dog Lupita our doggie fairy.

group shot party 2014

The whole gang! Olivia didn’t last too long in her costume!

Click here to check out our Halloween Party 2013

We also had a great time trick-or-treating last night.  Months ago, Olivia decided she wanted to be Lucinda the good witch from Sophia the First.  Here was our attempt at recreating her costume.  Special thanks to my sister and niece who sewed the skirt!

Lucinda the Good Little Witch
 We hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween.  Now starts the first day of 365 days of me saying: “Halloween is over.”


3 thoughts on “A Happy Spooky Halloween Party

  1. Angela says:

    I made the hot buttered cider for a dinner party this Saturday and it was a big hit, once again! Best of all, it makes the whole house smell like autumn goodness:)

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