Over the fields we go. Wrapping all the way…

My wrapping marathon has begun.  It began Saturday when I attended my friend’s annual gift wrapping party.  She makes the most incredible bows!  She’s a wrapping expert.  I always choose a special paper for the gifts we will open X-mas Eve.  (We give each other new pajamas and a book the night before the big day.) This year our Xmas Eve paper is brown with snowmen on it.  Look at the incredible ribbon tying my friend did on these – including a little snowman!  The day was filled with paper, ribbons, bows, and glitter!

xmas eve gifts 2014_2
















The year we are experiencing something new…. SANTA.  Olivia is old enough now to know what is going on and expects this guy to be stopping by for Christmas (and leaving a few things.)  This started the conversation rolling between my husband and I. What was your Santa like growing up?  Did he wrap? Did he leave a lot of little things?  Just one big thing?  We told Olivia she could ask Santa for five things. This sparked a lot of debate among my friends!  Some said that was a lot!  Some said, that’s it?  I guess you just have to navigate it for yourself.  She’s still too little to want any “big-ticket” items so 5 small things we knew wouldn’t break the bank and would make for an exciting morning.   And my sweet girl could only think of three things when making her list anyway!!  We decided Santa would wrap, in a different special paper.  I also got the idea to leave a Santa picture on the packages (instead of a To / From gift tag) and I found some cute holiday numbers online to include, too.

Santa gifts 2014

Thanks to all the ladies at the gift wrap party who helped see my “Santa” vision into these beautiful packages!

I am always afraid that the gifts I have left to wrap at home after this party will not look as good.  I spent all day yesterday finishing up. What do you think?  I don’t have all the special supplies from the party – but I make do with what I’ve got!




xmas gifts 2014 _4


Are you done wrapping? Does Santa visit your house? Does he wrap? What are your traditions? Leave me a comment and let me know.

I’m moving on the next phase of Holiday prep today – the meals.

Enjoy your day and thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Over the fields we go. Wrapping all the way…

  1. sarahsexton64 says:

    I bought my wrapping paper for NEXT year in the days after christmas when EVERYTHING was 50% + off. Thanks for that tip CCL… 😉

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