I Heart U

Happy Valentines’ Day from My Color-Coded Life. My Pinterest News Feed has been filled with red hearts, candy, and cute ways to make the perfect valentines for weeks now.  When I was in my 20s, I HATED this holiday, so much in fact, that my mom started sending me funny valentines each year signed with statements like – “On your favorite holiday…”   But now I choose to embrace it for what’s it is worth – saying you care to the loved ones around you.   Last year around this time, I was trying to organize a dinner date night out with two other couples we are friends with.  We finally decided – why don’t we just do Valentine’s Day?  It’s free on all of our calendars – and it will take the pressure off our husbands to make a plan for what I assume is the most dreaded holiday for men!  This year we are continuing the tradition.

Here are some things we are up to for this heart holiday.

Last year, I was in charge of dessert. I found this post through Pinterest. Valentine Cake DIY from The Busy Bee .  Here is my attempt and final product. 




How did I do? This year I’m hosting and my friend Leigh is going to attempt this cake from bhg.com.

Valentine's Cake from bhg.com

I do like to give Valentine’s Day gifts to teachers.  I feel like it is a non-religious holiday so giving a little gift is just showing you are thankful for them and what they do every day for your child(ren.) This year I found this adorable post including the printable: Bee Mine Valentine Card Template from Make It Do.   There is a non-intentional bee theme going on here!  I love this idea of giving honey (especially if the teachers are tea drinkers.)  Here is my attempt:

bee mine honey giftsI like the red gingham ribbon used by the Make it Do people, my velvet red ribbon reads a little Christmas-y to me, but I was trying to just use what I had and not bring anymore crafty stuff into my house right now! (You’re welcome, Larry.)

I wrapped these up in the adorable handmade Valentine’s bags my sister makes. I included a few tea bags with each honey, too.  Plus we did one – stop shopping with this all inclusive Valentine’s kit including 24 cards and stickers we found at Target.  (It did not have envelopes, which I found odd.)

valentines gifts


I am also continuing my collection of Valentine’s cards that Larry and I have exchanged with each other since we first started dating.  This box sits on our mantel and every year when I put it out I read them.

Valentine Card Box


Hope you have a nice day today surrounded by those you love.  Enjoy the long weekend if you have President’s day off.  I heart U for reading!


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