Post #215 from the (215)

This is my 215th post on My Color-Coded Life! When I saw that, I decided I should dedicate it to my hometown – area code 215 – Philadelphia, PA.

Here are some articles that describe why Philly, PA, USA is so great.

The New York Times ranked our city #3 on a list of 52 places to visit in 2015. 

Philly is on a National Roll  

For me personally, I love our city’s restaurants, museums, parks, historical attractions, arts & culture and the extensive list of things to do with kids.  Some of our sports teams have even won over this New England girl! My family has memberships to The Philadelphia Art Museum, The Please Touch Museum, and The Philadelphia Zoo (inside the city limits) as well as Sesame Place (25 minutes outside the city.)


please touch museum logo

phila zoo logo


I love a good soft pretzel, cheesesteak, hoagie, and my born-and-bred Philly husband has shown me the light when it comes to a good Tastykake.  Before I moved here I did not know you could (and should) put cheese on top of …. everything.  Just say – “wiz wit” to ensure cheese whiz and fried onions will be included.

I love that my daughter’s favorite book is Good Night Philadelphia, that she has a stuffed bunny rabbit named Schuylkill River, that she can identify William Penn at the top of City Hall and when we are driving on Broad Street she looks for the large paintbrush in front of PAFA (Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.)

I’ll end this post with my favorite view of the city (from the top of the Art Museum steps) and our city’s “Visit Us” campaign. 

With Love, Philadelphia XOXO 

Philadelphia-Skyline- from from Center City Team 

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