My Friday Favorites 02. 20.15

Friday Favorites gingham

I hope you all had a fabulous week and have dug out of the snow if you live in the northeast part of the USA. Here are all my favorites this week.

On TV –

  • I have not written a Friday Favorites in awhile and I have a lot of TV catching up to do on my DVR.  I know it was not this week but I MUST give my Friday Favorite to Parenthood.  For six years, I laughed and cried along with this show every Thursday.  The finale was PERFECT.  I rank it in my top 5 best ever finales. (hmmm… maybe that’s another blog post.)  What do Peter Krause and Matt Lauria have in common?  Both have been part of TWO best-ever series finales. Parenthood and Six Feet Under (Krause) & Friday Night Lights (Lauria.)  Who is not included in that?  Lauren Graham.  I just finished Gilmore Girls on Netflix and that was one of the WORST series finales I have ever seen!  Glad Parenthood came through for us!



On the Page – 

  • The Good Housekeeping March 2015 issue is making me so happy.  The cover says it all – ” You can organize your life!”  This issue comes just in time for me to start my Spring Break to-do list.


In the Kitchen –

Easy-15-Minute-Maple-Spice-SquashThis recipes makes 4 servings (about 1 cup per serving.)
I’m back on Weight Watchers and using her calculations 1 cup = 4 points.

For my Homemakover- 

  • We have ripped down a lot of wallpaper, and we still have much more to do.  Our third bedroom, which is currently being used as an office / den is one room where we did not even begin to think about taking down the wallpaper.  And at this point – I can’t even imagine tearing it all down.  So I am attempting to “work with what I’ve got.”  Here’s a picture of the wallpaper.  It can make you a little dizzy!  My brain is in overdrive and I am determined to turn these old, americana, psychedelic patterned walls into a vintage treasure of a room! (Hint – the silver and black are popping out to me.) Stay tuned!


Hope you had a great week.  Leave me a comment and let me know the things you are loving this week.  Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!

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