Unroll.me Organized my Email Life

On a whim, I clicked on someone’s Facebook post about an email clean up system called Unroll.me.  Please see my post about needing help with deleting and organizing emails. 

I had so many emails that I was overwhelmed and didn’t know how to get ahead of the problem.  I tried unsubscribing to emails I never looked at, but for every one I unsubscribed to, there were six others I didn’t remember I was signed up to get.

My sister and I always joke about our favorite line from the movie “Because I Said So” when the mother, Diane Keaton, tells her daughter, Mandy Moore, if she just moves her couch a few inches it will “change her life.”

I am NOT kidding you that signing up for unroll.me has CHANGED MY LIFE!


How does it work?

  • Unroll.me scans through your inbox and identifies how many subscription emails you are getting. (I had hundreds!)
  • For each subscription you pick one of three choices: unsubscribe, add to roll up, keep in inbox.
  • You select a time of day to get your roll up daily digest email.
  • You receive one email everyday (at the time you select) that will contain any emails you chose to “add to roll up.”
  • Your daily email will also tell you if they have identified more subscriptions in your inbox and give you the three options again.

How has it changed my life?

  • It allowed me to unsubscribe to hundreds of emails I do not need to get by quickly clicking a button.
  • I am no longer overwhelmed to open my email in the morning because it doesn’t say “downloading 67 emails,” that were mainly junk anyway. If I have an email first thing, I know it is personal and I need to read it.
  • I elected 9:30am for my roll up email.  With my teaching schedule, I will not see it until lunchtime.
  • I no longer see a scary 4-digit number as the number of emails I have unread in my inbox.

If you need to organize your email life, I suggest using unroll.me.  Yes, in order to sign up all the way, you must share on Facebook that you are using the app.  It’s how I discovered it in the first place, so I didn’t mind doing this.

Do you use unroll.me? What are your thoughts? Do you use another email organizer? Leave me a comment and let me know. Also, special thanks to Grammar Girl, for her article I read when writing this post to see if it should be “e-mail” or “email.” As always, thanks for reading.

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