Helpful Hump-day Hints – Tax Season

HHH apples grnTax time is upon us.  My husband works freelance and he has multiple employers. Some are W-2 type jobs, others are 1099s. We need to keep all the forms organized as they start arriving in the mail in January.  We go back through our google calendar for the previous year and make a list of all the employers he had.  I print it out in checklist form and attached it to a manilla envelope.  As the forms come in, we add them to the envelope and check them off the checklist as received.

Organizing your Tax Documents

Once everything is checked off, we scan all the documents and are ready to do our taxes.

I found these apple green envelopes at the UPS Store. Of course, I love them since they are my signature color. I was thinking about what to use them for and I knew they would come in handy for tax season.

Taxes 2014_2

How do you organize your tax paperwork each year?

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