The 500th Comment Contest Winner

It has been quite awhile since my friend Courtney won The 500th Comment Contest, so long in fact, that I actually already have the winner for the 600th Comment Contest! (Insert a bunch of embarrassed emojis here!) I have owed Courtney her prize forever and I finally gave it to her this past week, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day.

My Color-Coded Life_comment contest winner2

I included a nip of whiskey, Baileys, my Irish Coffee recipe and a few Thin Mints is a shamrock bag. I hope Courtney and her husband are able to enjoy a nice Irish Coffee! Read here for all my Favorite Irish Coffee Recipes including my own: The Best Irish Coffee Recipes.

Congrats to Courtney for making the 500th comment on my blog and winning The 500th Comment Contest. Thank you for being a faithful reader, Facebook “liker” and all around encourager for me to keep blogging.

Wondering what other prizes I have given away?  Check out the following:

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Next up, congratulations to Cassie for making the 600th Comment. Prize to come, in a much more timely manner!

Thanks to everyone for reading.  Want to win a fun prize? Well you have to start making comments on my blog! Here is to the next 100 comments.

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