The 600th Comment Contest

Congratulation to my friend Cassie for making the 600th comment on My Color-Coded Life.  Cassie has four daughters and they celebrate Easter, so I decided to make some gift bags for the girls.

Comment Contest Winner _MyCCL_600

This was a very simple gift to make.  I printed out the name labels on my computer and bought some gift bags from Target.  I also printed out a few extra labels in case Cassie wanted to use them for anything else: on card envelopes, labeling Easter baskets, seating place cards – name tags can be used for anything!

600 comment contest _ easter bags

Thank you, Cassie, for being a faithful reader, for always commenting on my posts, and encouraging me to keep blogging (especially at times when I took breaks from it!)

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Thanks to everyone for reading.  Want to win a fun prize? Well you have to start making comments on my blog! Here is to the next 100 comments…who knows maybe you will win the 700th Comment Contest!

One thought on “The 600th Comment Contest

  1. cassie says:

    Thank you so much for the adorable bags! I tried to pass them off as my own creation, but kids are were on to me. They know their mom’s craftiness is limited to reading blogs about craft ideas! We all love your fun, colorful ideas. Keep them coming!

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