My Friday Favorites 04.24.15

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This post was all ready to go on Thursday night.
I had it scheduled to post Friday morning.
And then I watched Grey’s Anatomy.

Here is what I had written:
On TV-
  This week Mad Men continued to prove why it is one of the best television shows ever made. “The Forecast” had our beloved characters all looking towards the future: Peggy and her performance review, Joan’s newest possibility for love, and Don, ultimately standing alone outside of his now sold penthouse.  I loved Roger’s monologue about his second divorce,  Don’s elevator ride with the waitress and his neighbors, and the reintroduction of Glen.  The scene with Sally and Don at the bus was one of the best written scenes of the entire series.

“You know what I’m going to write down, for my dream? I want to get on that bus,
and get away from you and mom, and hopefully be a different person than you two.”
“You are like your mother and me, and you are going to find that out.
You’re a very beautiful girl. It’s up to you to be more than that.”


I still stand by the choice of Mad Men as incredible television this week. But HOW could I not mention the surprising and incredibly ironic death of a TV character every woman has swooned over sometime in the past eleven years?  At first, I too, was shocked. Why? Logistically, Patrick Dempsey was still in the middle of a two year contract. Storyline, MerDer, who have been secondary characters in the past few seasons were resurfacing as the couple who millions of people watched for years.  After all the tragedies that Derrick has survived, (being shot, a plane crash) it was the negligence of doctors that cost him his life. We got to hear his own account of how he, the brilliant neurosurgeon, would have handled his own case. Despite the fact that one doctor (Scandal’s Jeanine – the White House Intern Fitz supposedly had an affair with – remember we are in Shondaland) was insisting a CT should have been ordered, this idea was refuted, and when the on-call surgeon was going to take over an hour to come in, Dr. Sheppard told us himself, it would be too late. It is my belief that the show is and always will be Meredith’s story of her resilience.  And even though this is a widely unpopular turn of events, I get it.  How will Meredith cope with the loss of Derrick, raise two kids on her own, and continue her important career?  She will fight on the same way she has through everything else.  As I think back to last season when Cristina said good-bye, her thoughts to Meredith were really a big clue we were heading to a Post-McDreamy Grey’s Anatomy.

“You are a gifted surgeon with an extraordinary mind.
Don’t let what he wants eclipse what you need.

He’s very dreamy, but he is not the sun. You are.” 

Of course, we just thought they are breaking up or he is moving to D.C. – but again, I remind you, we are still in Shondaland.

On the Page-  I’m reading lots of articles in the May 2015 Parents magazine including Be Cautious of Rewards, Put on Your Toddler Googles, Busy Morning Breakfasts, and The Ten Most Influential Millennial Moms. I bookmarked the How to Rock Your Disney Trip for a year to come.


On the Computer- The blog I am loving these days is Live Colorful. These DIY Colorful Panels for Your Wall are a great way to use color in a practical way in an office or bedroom. I also enjoyed reading Color and Branding for Bloggers that include why different bloggers picked their color palettes.

DIY: Colorful Panels for Your Walls | Live Colorful

In My Shopping Cart – When I arrived at Target at 10 am last Sunday, the only Lilly Pulitzer left were the signs hanging from the ceiling.  The Target crew told me they sold out in 6 minutes.  I knew that would be the case. I still bought Olivia some new spring / summer clothes from the many adorable and affordable options.  Maybe this dress isn’t Lilly, but it was only $8!


On My Wish List – How cool is this Rainbow Keyboard Cover for MacBook by Kuzy Products?  I need this in My Color-Coded Life!


On my Twitter Feed-  · 25 Simple Ways for Moms to RELAX! Seriously – we need this!

Feeling overwhelmed and run down? Working way too hard? 25 simple ways for moms to relax and recharge. Moms - you need this!

I was a little long winded in the TV section this week, but really – can you blame me?  What are your favorites this week? Leave me a comment and let me know. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “My Friday Favorites 04.24.15

  1. Maria says:

    As I said before, I am really glad I don’t watch Grey’s any more. I had a hard time watching the replay of the commercials and the coming attractions for next week. I watched 6 seasons, at least, so even I am moved and sad about “MerDer”, so I can’t imagine dealing with it in real time.
    As for Mad Men, I just love it. I don’t know where they are going with these story lines but it all feels like a slow ending, as little by little things are “falling away” marriage, apartment, and now what happened last night (4/27/15). I am truly going to miss this show. There is a new show coming on soon called The Astronaut Wives, I think, which will take place during the same time period as Mad Men, so I might try that for my early 60s fix!
    I love those colorful panels, I showed Joe and said I want to try this in Lainie’s room.

    • Maureen says:

      I completely agree that after season 6 Greys was not as good – UNTIL this season! If you are up for it this summer – read recaps of seasons 7 – 10 online (hmmm maybe something I could write) and watch 11! I have not seen Mad Men yet – but hear it is great – I’m avoiding the internet as much as I can until I watch it, most likely tonight. I saw the commercial for Astronaut Wives, too! It’s on my list. Looks PAN – AM-ish, don’t you think? (I think we both liked that show, too.) The colorful panels are so cool – if we ever get this basement done I was thinking about maybe doing them in Olivia’s play section. Thanks for reading!

      • Maria says:

        Yes-Pan Am!!! That is exactly what I was thinking about when I saw the other show. I really liked Pan Am. I have thought about doing the recaps on Grey’s but then I remember, it used to depress me for days. That and Private Practice right after and I was no good the next day! And I saw it is going to get even more sad on this upcoming episode. I will stick to Scandal on Thursday nights. That show drives me nuts but never makes me cry, almost never.
        We rent our home so we can’t paint but those accent boards would bring some nice color into Lainie’s room AND she could display some of her collectible items. You name it and she collects it: rubber duckies, nesting dolls, and she loves little things, the shelving added to those boards would free up lots of counter space!!

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