My Friday Favorites 05.08.15

FF pink green brownHappy Friday everyone! Let’s jump right in with all my favorites from the past week.

On TV- Note – I have not watched Grey’s or Scandal yet.  This week Detective Lindsay is dealing with returning home and to work after the tragic loss of Nadia on Chicago PD.  We discover she is blaming herself for her friend’s death because she was pushing Nadia to become a cop. (This is a little bit of a stretch for me because if she didn’t “push” her, Nadia still would have wound up dead in a ditch, only with a herion needle in her arm.) She wanted to be to Nadia what Voight was to her. Chicago Fire reminded us this week how we hated Sergeant Hank Voight when we first met him. Sometimes I forget that! The bad blood between him and Lieutenant Matt Casey at the fire department was revisited when Voight asked Casey to go undercover for him. Then on PD, Voight smoothes over the whole “higher-ups blocking a memorial stone for Nadia on the precinct wall” by literally telling Burgess and Roman to go to a storage unit and pull a file from a box labeled Summer 2005.  And what do you know?  That file has evidence about a certain higher-up officer and a prostitute. I love that he knows exactly where to find the file – storage unit, labeled box.  He’s so organized! I heart Voight again.


On the Page – May’s issue of This Old House  includes how to make a small entryway work, kitchen and bath make-overs, and a gorgeous cottage dining room. I’m really loving 19 Budget – Smart Bath Updates. A bar cart for bathroom storage? Yes, please! Which leads me to…


On the Bookshelf – I’ve been sticking to my New Year’s resolution of reading more.  I’ve just started Yes, Please by Amy Poehler and can’t stop laughing already!


In the Kitchen – I’ve been searching around for new ways to vary how I’m preparing vegetables . 8 Cooking Tricks to Elevate that Basic Veggie Side gives easy tips to incorporate to kick your side vegetable dishes up a notch. 

spices-8 cooking tricks to elevate your basic veggie side

On my Pinterest Boards- I found this picture on the board Beautiful Kitchens and it led me to Tips to Organize a Small Kitchen by Making Home Base.  I am constantly moving things around my small kitchen trying to make it clutter free while having things close by so it’s functional.  There are some great ideas in this post.  

Tips to Organize a Small Kitchen_Making Home Base

On my Twitter Feed-  @KensingtonRoyal – The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to announce that they have named their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Will and Kate showed good form by including Diana among the names given to their new little princess.  Name absent from the list: Camilla.  Name BEFORE Diana: Elizabeth. They are smart, but not crazy. Which leads me to…

Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

On the ComputerPrincess of Not, How the Hell Does She look Like That? by Scary Mommy Seriously though – this picture – with her hair done, make-up flawless, yellow and white dress (the lightest colors on the planet – ummm – I wear dark pants when I only have my period) and the HIGH HEELS – was taken TEN, yes 10, hours after she have birth.  This post cracked me up – and said everything every woman who has every given birth was thinking when they saw this photo! 

For the Teachers – Happy Teacher Appreciation Week and Thanks a Latte to Eighteen25 for making it really easy for me to give thoughtful, cute gifts to Olivia’s teachers.

Thanks_Latte_eighteen25_teacher appreciation week

Anything you are loving this week? Leave me a comment and let me know. Have a terrific weekend and thanks for reading.

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