Spring Cleaning To-Do List


It’s Spring Break Week and here is the list of cleaning I am going to tackle:

  1. Clean refrigerator and freezer – inside and out! I do this twice a year. Spring break week and right before Thanksgiving. Check out my how-to on this here: 8 Tips for a Cleaner More Organized Refrigerator
  2. Dust the tops of all ceiling fans. Careful with this one – especially for the fans over beds. It gets dirtier than you would think up there!
  3. Swap out winter to spring clothes and bedding. When you are moving the winter clothes out – ask yourself about each item – did you wear it at all this season? If the answer was no, put it in a donation box, not your winter storage.
  4. Move every bed and couch and clean under them! What you don’t see is easy to forget about. This one is going to be a little scary for me this week! Sweep, vacuum, swifter away under all these unseen places.
  5. Purge the medicine cabinets. Time to go through all the places we keep medicine – linen closet, bathroom cabinets, even the top of our fridge -and get rid of what’s expired.

I know this isn’t a long list, nor does it cover all that needs to be cleaned. But I am a believer in realistic goals and not setting myself up for failure. It’s called Spring Break Week not Spring Cleaning Week (or Netflix Week either, so we need to find a happy balance.)

What are the Spring Cleaning tasks you love to tackle and which do you avoid doing for as long as possible? Leave a comment below and Happy Spring Cleaning!


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