My Friday Favorites 05.15.15


On TV – So many great season finales this week.  Nashville, Grey’s Anatomy, SCANDAL! (Lizzie Bear, how could you? Mellie! Cyrus?!  How did Olivia get on that balcony? I’m not happy – I’m #TeamJake.) Chicago Fire, PD, and Law & Order SVU are all on my DVR to watch this weekend.  We still have one final episode left of Mad Men, but the scene that haunted me all week was Betty finding out her ultimate fate when her doctor was telling her husband as she sat alone on the exam table.  I wonder if Betty Draper read Chelsea Handler’s article in the Huffington Post before she wrote Sally that letter?

Betty finds out_Mad-Men-Season_7_episode_13

On the Computer – This was a great read on Mother’s Day.  I have always been a Chelsea Handler fan – I know people either love her or hate her and I fall on the heart side. I think I really like her because when I was younger I was always sort of the “loud mouth funny one” of the group.  This article had me relating to her in even more ways. Here’s Why I am My Mother’s Daughter by Chelsea Handler on The Huffington Post’s Women Blog 

headshot_Chelsea Handler

On the Page – The June issues of all my magazines have started to arrive, so I know what I will being doing while drinking my morning coffee this weekend. The last of my favorites from my May issues is Good Housekeeping.  I loved the cover story / interview with Kristen Bell.  First, despite being from Hollywood, she looks like she’s had two babies. Next, I loved that she insisted that the Frozen character, Anna, be a less-than-perfect princess if she was going to play her. Lastly, she was honest about the ups and downs of her marriage and admitted that staying in a happy relationship sometimes takes work. Oh, and there’s also an awesome article on waffles.


In My Freezer – I eat two bananas a day.  It is one fruit I never get tired of eating. This recipe looks amazing and I can’t wait to have these treats in my freezer this summer.  Chocolate Dipped Almond Butter Banana Bites from A Healthy Slice of Life.


For the Home – One thing my daughter has a ton of is books!  Here are some great storage solutions – 19 Unique Ways to Store and Display Your Tots’ Books from Pop Sugar.

Reading-Corner_from PopSugar

For My Parenting Toolbox – As summer draws closer, we feel the pressure to organize the “perfect” vacation.   To help you plan, read Ann Rivall’s When to Splurge and When to Save On a Family Vacation from the Huff Post Parents.


On Instagram – All You Magazine – Put old maps to good use by using them to cover a notebook. Click here for a tutorial. 

All You_Instagram

On my Twitter Feed –@marieclaire ·8 Beauty Secrets Straight from Royalty  Who doesn’t want to look like royalty? Especially Kate post-baby (yes, I’m still talking about that.) Here are some tips from the real life princesses.

Marie Clare _8 Beauty Tips from Royalty

Happy Friday everyone.  Leave me a comment and let me know what you are loving this week. One week until Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer, and I can’t wait! Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “My Friday Favorites 05.15.15

  1. sarahsexton64 says:

    Maureen, you should have issued a warning for that Chelsea Handler piece! I am tearing up at my desk.

    • Maureen says:

      It’s so good right???? I got nervous at the start of your comment because I thought — oh no — should I have issued a Mad Men warning … but it’s almost been a week…. I hope I am not a spoiler.

  2. Maria says:

    This is my least favorite time of the year for TV! Season and series finales plus cancellations! It’s all very emotional! 😂 Ok, Scandal: I have never picked a team before because throughout the different seasons both guys worked for Olivia in different ways. But, last night I finally decided that I am Team Jake! This season was insane for Olivia and no matter what, it was Jake by her side. Fitz was an afterthought. I was not thrilled to see her on the balcony kissing him after everything Jake did for her. It was very fairy tale ending but that just leaves the door open for complete mayhem next season.
    Mad Men: as usual it is all existential but the Betty diagnosis was extremely devastating. A-it was on Morher’s Day! B-I remember when I really liked her and thought she was getting a raw deal from Don. It hardened her character in ways she never recovered from. I had hoped they would resolve that in a much happier way-going to school, getting a new and younger lease on life.
    Maybe I’m projecting 😉

    • Maureen says:

      I agree that this is a sad TV time … and the fact that when the shows come back it will be back to school time — I don’t want to think about summer ending before it even begins! I have a million and one reasons as to why Fitz is not only the wrong choice but he is a VERY BAD choice (having married my Jake I am quite passionate about this — maybe now I’M projecting hahahaha) Betty, Mother’s Day, at school where she was finally doing something for herself … it was all devastating. (Although the Mrs. Robinson comment was classic Mad Men – great joke even in the worst of times.) Can’t wait for the finale!

      • Maureen says:

        oh – and one more Scandal comment — Shonda Rhimes has said publicly that she has always know exactly how Scandal is going to end … I do not believe it will reflect that last scene at all. Look at Meredith Grey.

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