Helpful Hump-Day Hints – Scissors


Do you have to hunt around for a pair of scissors every time you have to cut something? Or walk all the way to another floor or across your house to get the one pair of scissors you own from the designated place you always put them so you won’t lose them?  I started out as the scissor hunter, then graduated to the scissor traveler. But now I have freed myself of scissor issues completely and it was the easiest solution to a problem I have ever implemented.  Today’s Helpful Hump-Day Hint will allow you to never have to search for a pair of scissors again.


That’s right, I went out and bought a bunch of scissors!

1. Kitchen scissors

2. Everyday scissors (live in the living room)

3. Everyday scissors (live in the office)

4. Everyday scissors (live in the upstairs closet in the back of the door shoe organizer)

5. Bathroom scissors

6. Small Kids’ Scissors (live in my daughter’s craft bin)

7. Fabric scissors (live in the living room antique sewing table)

8. Gift Wrapping Scissors (live in the gift wrapping bureau drawer)

9. Christmas Gift Wrapping Scissors (live in the attic with my christmas wrapping storage.)

You may be thinking – that’s a lot of scissors. Minus the fabric scissors, all others you can buy at the dollar store. $7 – $10 to never have to hunt around for scissors ever again – totally worth it!

I also keep a tin full of scissors in My Color-Coded Classroom.



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Happy hump-day.  Just a few more days until the unofficial start to summer! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Helpful Hump-Day Hints – Scissors

  1. Suzanne says:

    Great organization tip! Don’t forget the car scissors. I have a small pair I keep in the center console that I find myself using all the time:)

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